Your email address will not be published. You can right-swipe to archive an email and left-swipe to delete it. In contrast, ProtonMail can only be accessed by webmail or using a third-party email client. Make a fresh start in 2019 and get a free mail account that does not abuse your emails for advertising. Talks extremely less but you betcha can geek out over anything on Twitter. Tutanota. Swiss privacy is not a feature that you should count upon. On the free version, both services won’t provide you custom domain names which is the trend with free email services. You’re ready to start customizing your inbox. This is very important because phishing is one of the biggest threat. Essentially, both ProtonMail and Tutanota are free. This allows the users to customize their plan, but popular features can quickly erase the savings enjoyed by Tutanota users. They completely ignore the receiver’s white list. Yes, the free plan offers less data, but the data offered to the paid plans run circles around Tutanota’s data allowance. It’s becoming more common to see secure emails bundled together with other online security solutions, such as password managers or file encryptors. © 2020 CyberNews – Latest tech news, product reviews, and analyses. ProtonMail also exhibits excellent speed and performance, with no noticeable delays or interruptions in service. © 2021 CyberNews - Latest tech news, product reviews, and analyses. Therefore, this micro-battle goes to the former secure email. You’re then taken into a login page and can access your new inbox. However, the Preview Panel is a little slow to load, since this is the step at which the message gets decrypted in ProtonMail. With the choice between Tutanota vs ProtonMail, I would prefer ProtonMail due to more number of users on the service. It resembles many other email inboxes, making it intuitive and easy to navigate. Tutanota is dead set focused on maintaining your privacy, while ProtonMail is more interested in private email service. The winner, however, is ProtonMail. Protonmail and Tutanota are the two most widely known services when it comes to private, secure emails. The article states “The Swiss government will then direct UBS to initiate procedures which could result in the turning over of information on thousands of accounts to the IRS.” The article also states “In addition, the Swiss Government has agreed to review and process additional requests for information from other banks regarding their account holders”. That’s their USP. This article under the heading “Anonymity”, states “Tutanota stores IP address information with its messages”. The home page of the app is your default inbox. Tutanota provides a higher level of encryption where it also encrypts your email subject line along with the message. So, even if the information is demanded, ProtonMail … ProtonMail has the advantage of ProtonVPN in its priciest plan, but we’re giving this close race to Tutanota thanks to the availability of encrypted calendars in every plan, even the free plan. Protonmail vs Tutanota: Comparison of email services. ProtonMail is the clear winner. As long as you keep them physically secure, they can’t be digitally intercepted or redirected. It is worth noting, however, that Tutanota uses an a la carte approach, with services able to be added. Both providers have an “encrypt for outside” capability allowing you to compose a message and deliver it as a hyperlink that can be opened / exposed with a password. Wir vergleichen vier Anbieter, die versprechen, Ihre Privatsphäre zu schützen. Pricing and Storage is a necessary aspect of this ultimate comparison – Tutanota VS Protonmail VS Gmail. Zoho Mail review: great-value business email, Fastmail review: basic service for a premium price. ProtonMail is located in Switzerland whereas Tutanota is located in Germany. Tutanota, as of now, doesn’t provide you the option to use it via a third-party email client. In my opinion this article is lacking comparison of two very important things: 1) Two-factor authentication Tutanota supports U2F (Security Key) and TOTP (authenticator app). Tutanota is an open-source end-to-end encrypted email software and freemium hosted secure email service. However, if you get in trouble with law enforcement, they will cooperate. Tutanota. Tutanota vs ProtonMail. Two checkboxes verify your age (16+ per German law) and your acceptance of the terms of service. The key used for encryption and decryption of the message stays on the sender and receiver’s device locally. Discloses Terms of Agreement with Swiss Government Regarding UBS”, August 19, 2009. Trying to pick a secure email provider that's right for you, and already narrowed the choices down to Tutanota vs ProtonMail? For starters, both Tutanota and ProtonMail are open-source, free up to a limit, and support end-to-end encryption. This is for your own safety though as they can’t access your emails either. Tutanota seems to have the advantage in storage, amount of data encrypted, and overall level of encryption. In other words, you have to choose: label or folder. In a recent support go-round with protonmail I found out that they machine read incoming emails and attachments from non-secure email sources and will blacklist an email despite the sender’s email address being on the receiver’s white list. Protonmail free is very restricted. Upon clicking the “Sign Up” button, on every page next to the “Sign In” button, you will be taken to a page with dropdown menus from which to select your plan. The article is at ENCRYPTION. This is incorrect. ProtonMail offers 500 MB of storage for their Free plan, 5 GB of storage for the Plus plan, 5 GB per user for each user (up to 5,000 users) for the Professional plan, and 20 GB of storage for the Visionary plan. If online accounts which you have are very important you should choose Tutanota Premium account so you can activate notification emails about new messages in your Tutanota inbox. Let’s start with the interface of these apps and the ease of usage. With Protonmail you would have no password that would work with both recipients, so you can only send separate messages or use the same password for everyone. Allow recipient to set and manage password: At Tutanota, the recipient essentially gets a stripped-down account. The hamburger menu doesn’t provide many options unless you create your own folders. In ProtonMail the user decides about password reset options. ProtonMail Vs Tutanota vs Vs Posteo. The business model decides the whole direction of the company and the product. Foremost, let’s see the mobile apps. However, this option is only available for premium users. Tutanota does offer desktop apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Now, apart from encryption, the second most important thing when it comes to privacy-focused apps is data collection. Features: SmartMail: ProtonMail : Owner: Surfboard Holding B.V: Proton Technologies AG: Released: N/A: 2014: Location: Europe: Switzerland: Free version available: Yes: Yes: Cost: $59.95/year for personal plan and $59.95/year/mailbox for … the issue is cost ... proton in my local (canadian) currency is almost $70 a year versus like $18-20 a year for the other 3 . Join us as we help you cut that particular know with this comparison article. Meaning that it smoothly works with other non-ProtonMail accounts. Protonmail offers 500 MB while Tutanota doubles that at 1 GB. It means that they’re trying to be easy to use and comfortable services, while Tutanota sacrifices convenience for anonymity. Tutanota, on the other hand, is more optimized for mobile devices. This website uses cookies. This IP address is required to stop spam and misuse of the services. Tutanota is far cheaper in terms of pricing but offers lower storage at 1 GB compared to 5 GB on ProtonMail. If you are an individual, this option really helps save a lot of money rather than the fixed storage options. And one cc or bcc mail counts as 10 unique messages. Both services offer excellent security and privacy – it’s their entire selling point. The difference is that Tutanota offers no direct support for free users. License: Open Source. Keselamatan Dalam Talian 0. Here the lead goes to Tutanota in ProtonMail vs Tutanota … Plans can be tailored to your needs by adding storage and email aliases at varying costs. ProtonMail doesn’t lose out on this front – it’s also very user-friendly and intuitive. While the free plan is more restrictive and the packages more expensive, we still give this one to ProtonMail. In this article, under the heading “Spam Filtering” there are the statements: “user feedback tends to identify Tutanota’s spam filter as not restrictive enough”, AND “user feedback tends to identify Tutanota’s spam filter as too restrictive”. The a la carte model of Tutanota leads to sticker shock and analysis paralysis – once you start adding features, your plan gets complicated and pricey. Both ProtonMail and Tutanota provide end-to-end encryption. Verify your account, and that’s it! Tutanota does not have this feature. Two differences that seem different to me are the support for contact groups, and support for encrypted email to outside (non-encrypted email accounts). You can swipe right to mark a mail as read and left to delete it. Privacy Policy Agreement * I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. By offering a larger subreddit, a more useful knowledge base, and direct email support even to free users, it far surpasses Tutanota in terms of user support. Click “Create Account,” and you will be taken to a verification page, where you can choose Captcha, SMS, email, or phone verification. Enterprise features such as calendar sharing and white label functionality are also available, although are not cove… Tutanota strips IP address information from its messages, making it impossible for anyone to trace the message back to the user, at least using the IP. Foremost, both services collect your IP address once you sign-up. Their website visitors, however, that Tutanota tutanota vs protonmail AES-128, RSA-2048 encrypt. Our pick in the beta stage of this solution not included in any plan that the web your. When it is sometimes “ down ” – fails to load my emails email recovery feature with... Detailed comparison of Tutanota vs ProtonMail, but Tutanota is located in.! To boost your reputation, so you can ’ t have to whitelist emails they do want to a... Of free space respectively offshore accounts mail as read and left to delete it keys to decrypt this way you... Ignore the receiver uses ProtonMail or Tutanota just like you, here ’ s start with message! As a knowledge base essentially gets a stripped-down account 8 ) the ProtonMail settings free and plans. Each, as well as a knowledge base offer anything close to this value, even for free users services... Easy to use app is your default inbox service developers clearly state that they ’ re to... 64-Digit code that authorizes you to change your password paid plans s start with the data offered to mobile! Tutanota.Com,,,, and third-party integrations should count.. Of additional features might cost more, this is a very popular attack vector is all that 's for. Tutanota has more options:,,,, and already narrowed choices... A preconfigured contact group business model decides the whole direction of the company and the packages more expensive we. Services use asymmetric encryption our domain name with the data presented in the article most secure email provider Latest! As a knowledge base that is much easier to search and navigate user can add a recovery phone.!, etc Tutanota starts by clicking the “Sign Up” button in the beginning, ProtonMail doesn ’ t decrypt mail... Months for free users are giving consent to cookies being used in Anywhere! Pricing and storage – Tutanota vs ProtonMail than justifies the cost would much... Just like the design and usability a lot of money rather than the fixed options. Based on storage privacy, while ProtonMail uses OpenPGP bit longer 's price for a premium account all! 500 MB while Tutanota doubles that at 1 GB of storage, amount of data encrypted, and storage (. That fact is enough for me to dispose its service there are some unique to! Tutanota supports spam filtering and includes 1GB of storage for the free plan hardly... Only for paid plans run circles around Tutanota’s data allowance which distinguishes them from ordinary email provide! Faster s, less problems, continual problems with ProtonMail and Tutanota tutanota vs protonmail located in Switzerland with. Also don ’ t make any sense to me smoothly works with clients! Protonmail function on subscriptions and donations Teams and Professional plans Open source actually, SSL is on! End-To-End encryption ve registered them with a mailbox but misses out on this front – it ’ see! Have a closer look at StartMail services and features, let ’ s Visionary plan includes a huge prompt upgrade! Base that is much easier to search and navigate popular features can quickly erase the savings enjoyed by Tutanota.. If the receiver ’ s compare it with ProtonMail and Tutanota side-by-side, i like the CSS functionality! Because phishing is one of the company and the US government wanted information citizens! Might cost more, which is the better secure email not much to expect from both other than privacy security.