dealership has to prove without a doubt that the Programmer was the Yes our UPFORD programmer will work on your 1999 E-250. I have 2006 Ford E450 10 cyl 14ft U-Haul van that I purchased for towing my race car. pull a 20 ft boat at times. Free shipping . Stock file is saved and can be reloaded at anytime, Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes, Displays numerous real-time engine and transmission data in custom layouts, Data logs engine and transmission data for later review. Hi john, I see to purchase the tuner is 499.00 if I buy a knn intake at the same time will the programmer come set up for the new intake? I would see if you can return the product and switch over to ours which I'm sure you will be very satisfied with. No it will not. 1) Does this have an adverse effect on emissions? Is there any additional cost for the initial PC programming? Is the Ford V-10 ultra power custom turner legal in Ca.? It is 37' 11'' long and has a ford V10, 3 valve engine, on an F53 chassis. William, No, basically you just plug it in and press a couple of buttons. $16.77. the problem has been there since we purchased the unit new. We recommend our UltraPower Custom Tuning. If it is, what are the differences? 2008 Four Winds 31p. I'VE RECENTLY PURCHASED A 2017 JAYCO GREYHAWK 29MV FORD E450 V10. Could not find a rebuilt or used one anywhere in America, believe it or not! of aftermarket products are protected by the Federal Magnusson-Moss Warranty stock settings. SCT X4 PILLAR MOUNT ONLY 99-07 FORD F250 F350 EXCURSION. If you were to change vehicles to another Ford, the device can be used on it AS LONG as you return the original vehicle back to stock programming. i am not noticing any power dif or mpg dif. Performance Chip Ford F250 5.4L 6.2L 6.8L Truck Programmer Save Gas 1996-2019. Yes, a PC is required to transfer the e-mailed tune file to the device. Product works great!!!! The state of California requires that this warning be posted for people purchasing products that reside in California. Noticeable improvement in power and easy to tune. The reason for the horsepower differences between the 2014 and the 2018 is because of the type of transmission. The tune makes changes to both the engine and transmission settings in the Powertrain Control Module. We are proud to offer over 20 years of track and street-oriented performance experience. I believe that Ford reduced the horsepower and reduced the torque peak RPM when they went from the 5 speed to the six speed transmission. Part Number: PWR-K6403-36. C $101.91. If you want the transmission assisted braking going downhill then you will want to put it in tow/haul. Hi guys. Will this tuner allow me to remove the top speed limiter? I see the F53 listed, but do not see any reference to 2020 model years. am i doing something wrong and or can you suggest doing something. Can I use this to enable day time headlights? Free shipping . I'm thinking about your V10 Ultratune and the Banks Ram Air filter assembly. $22.36. If you buy a new Ford chassis motor home you can reuse the device and only have to pay for the new custom program. Bolt Circle, Kit. Engine performance, throttle response and transmission control will be much improved overall. Related Searches. Not only will it have more power to climb the hills but it will shift more intuitively and not downshift nearly as often on grades. You would see better performance and shifting than what you currently experience, however, it would not be as big of a difference as someone who was upgrading from stock so keep that in mind. 734001 - PDI Big Boss Performance Tuner for Cummins, CAT & DetroitAn industry leader.. $3,172.50 $2,350.00. $23.50. 2 Watching. The cruise control downshifting is addressed as well as we can. I haven’t towed with it yet as I’ve only had it for a few days but I can see the need for improvements over stock. What is the benefits of your tuner vs a 5 star tuner? how much will this improve my performance. The tuning will definitely reduce the frequency of downshifts. Most folks can load the tuning themselves or have a friend help. We do not charge to retune for small tweaks to the original tune. I`ve only driven a few hundred miles and am not impressed by the stock unit. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, please allow an additional 1-2 days for shipping . In The SCT X4 comes with pre-loaded tunes for many Ford vehicles, such as Mustangs, F-150's and Powerstrokes. We both fix a lot of the common issues that people complain about with engine and transmission so you really can't go wrong with either of us :). I have a 2005 rv on a 2004 chassis with the ford V10 engine and the 4r100 transmission. No need to update the device with your computer! I'm ok with the RV downshifting to 4th gear at 3,250 - 3,500rpms, but 5,000+ rpms in 3rd gear seems a little extreme, especially since max horsepower is at 4,750rpm. Discussion in 'Ford Superduty Trucks' started by GOTSVT?, Oct 8, 2010. Most vehicles that go into Open Loop use this fuel table for its fueling requirements. Introducing the all-new Flashpaq F5 performance tuner from Superchips. 89 octane Economy, 89 towing and 89 performance. You have a very early model V10/4R100 combination so the shifting strategies were pretty bad. Yes we can do it without disconnecting the Banks unit. I have a 2017 F550 with the 6.8 v10 and 6 speed auto and I am looking to get more towing power. Optimize the engine of your Ford to ensure the best set-up for towing, fuel economy, and performance with a performance chip, module, or tuner. Whether you drive a sporty Ford Mustang or a capable Ford F-150, our Ford … When we set the device up for the initial vehicle, we load the tune to the device so it is a simple plug into the OBD2 port and program. It only requires a Windows computer and an internet connection to download the tune. aftermarket parts caused the failure. We are currently running testing on our tuning for the 7.3L V8. Any improvement from stock would be welcomed. The quality and performance of the Ford V10 stems from the fact that it’s excellently built in the first place. This is regardless of the computer-based limitations that Ford put in place when manufacturing the sedan, coupe, or truck. Tackle tougher terrain. Will I be required to use premium fuel with this unit? and looking at the charts it appears that there is a great deal of power to be gained, especially if these tuners are combined with headers. Does this package require a FORD mechanic to properly install. Specializing in Modular Ford platforms with experience in 4.6/5.4 2v,3v &4v, 5.0 coyote, and 6.8 2v, and 3v V10 engines. National Sea Breeze 2005, on a 2004 F53 Duraframe chassis, F53 V-10. Put optimum gas and diesel performance at your fingertips with cutting-edge tuners and programmers from the best: SCT Performance, Bully Dog, Edge, Hypertech, Smarty Tuners, and more! 110 … As a rule we do not compare ourselves to our competitors as what we do is geared specifically to RV's only whereas everyone else focuses on automotive but offers RV support. Will your system work with this vehicle, what improvements can I expect, and can you send the device pre-loaded? Our custom tuning prove without a doubt that the Programmer was the cause of the damage. Order online at or call 800-298-8924. The Tunesport Performance Module is the answer to increasing your Ford's performance and getting the most fuel economy out of your engine. Increase Performance for your Ford Excursion with a Bully Dog GT Programmable Chip Tuner Programmer. We have not had any issues with our customers (even CA customers) passing emissions testing. We generally do not remove the down hill grade brake feature when in tow/haul mode, as it will help you with staying off the service brakes as much. This would be after payment for your custom tune to my specific unit. Lovely RV. But, ever since having this tune my truck has started misfiring, on 87 economy both times. The Act provides that if something breaks on your vehicle and you take it Will you ship to CA. Mine is a Phoenix cruiser 2910t year is 2017. v-10 , 2004 f550 gulfstream motor hm , 24000 loaded. But what could I expect in my engine? Most times there is a gain in MPG but it's such a variable in RV's that we can't tell you that you will. No, there are no increases in operating temperatures or anything else that would lessen the reliability. I have a 2000 F250 V10 and putting on a set of headers on it with NO EGR. Buy It Now. Ford V10 Life Expectancy: How Long Can Your Engine Last? I have 2 different tow setups depending on where I'm going. Yes we can tune the Excursion. The result is less work for them, but the gains are not as good. If I provide that code at the time I purchase the unit can it be programmed and ready to install when I receive it? Check if this part fits your vehicle. FORD 6.8 TRITON V10 Performance Engine Build - Duration: 2:12. Sorry, no we are not able to do any sort of emissions modifications. Check if this part fits your … In order to deny any warranty repair the dealership has to prove without a doubt that the tune was the cause of the damage. i have a 2005 coachmen concord will this unit help with power issues v10 motor f 450 chassis other upgrades you suggest IE muffler. More annoying is the trans shift up even the mildest incline. I can go and get the vin and anything else you need to start the process if this will work. Modify a variety of parameters at the touch of a button, all while monitoring gauges on a customizable display. 10,000 Lakes Chapter 04 f350 sc lb 4x4 35" pro comp xtreme, sct, gauges, FCDP full egr delete, coolant filter, ARP studs, High idle mod, Stage 1 Turbo, Zoodad mod, kenwood dnx-5120 w/bluetooth, kicker speakers, viper auto smart start w/alarm. Was: Previous Price C $56.86. in question. Does your UltraPower require professional installation? I have a 2018 f450 with 6.8 liter v10. I am glad I found your website. Our standard is 87 octane, we can program for premium also or you can run premium with the standard upgrade program . Gains will be on par with what we achieve from the RV's. That�s where Stage 3 Motorsports can really help out. installed aftermarket performance programmer, tuner, chip, etc. Will a tuner actually make the engine produce more horsepower and torque, or will it just modify the tranny shift points to make it more useful when towing? I guess I might be the only one so far that is not impressed with the flash. Ford can void the warranty for any aftermarket product but you are protected under the Magnusson-Moss Act. Shop. SAVE UP TO 50% See all eligible items. No, the suction cup mount is simply for those that want to keep the unit plugged in to monitor engine data. I have a 2017 Thor motor coach (30.2 model) with 3,500 miles; will this product work for my motorhome and, what is the recommended mileage to get this done? We're working with a 2019 Four Winds 31W coach and aren't overly impressed with the performance. Will the performance tune you have work just as well on my truck as an RV? Will this tuner fix the radical 5-3 shift on hills and hold it in a higher gear longer when in cruise control approaching hills? How does this tuner actually work with my Motorhome. Superchips offers the world's best-selling lineup of performance programmers and tuners for both gas and diesel trucks as well as Jeep® Wrangler. The first was a5 star tuner and the second banks. I am in the UK and the RV is converted to run on duel fuel LPG and petrol. I am considering your upgrade for the Ford Triton V-10. Hand-Held RV Tuner With Advanced Technology It's all centered around an SCT Livewire Tuner which relays your custom tune to your engine and monitors your 6.8L V10's performance to give you real-time feedback about everything from Air/Fuel Ratio, Engine Timing and RPM to fuel economy and more. Feel free to call us if you have any more questions. this. In order We tune the ECM based on the strategy code that is stored in the ECM, which if the truck was programmed from Ford incorrectly to begin with, may not net the results that you want. If so is there a charge to upgrade the tuner ? Get the best deals on Performance Chips for Ford F53 when you shop the largest online selection at No flexability for down or up shifting the transmission. How do you go back to stock tuning if you were to sell your motor home? Unfortunately we do not have a way to manually control all 6 gears. We use the same device but tune with settings we have found work very well and improve performance, shifting and fuel economy. I'm hoping to give it some more power for towing. 1. Almost gone. Purchased used a year ago, nice ride no power when it comes to any incline. Orders placed on the weekend or after cutoff on Friday, and orders placed on select holidays. The tuner if I purchase just that and decide to upgrade my air intake and exhaust is there a change in the tuning ? Yes the price will remain the same. The devices have a warning that they are not for use in California but that is simply because these pre-loaded tunes for other vehicles are not emissions compliant with California laws. If you do not, you will need to order the UPFORD tuner with custom tune. Really the only other modifications you can make would be the Banks TorqueTubes and exhaust. BTW, I live in a state that has NO vehicle emissions inspection requirement. Confirming this unit will work with my 2020? With either ours or theirs, you will experience better shift points. Your write up says PC compatible only, hence assume this means no version available for Apple products - iMac, MacBookAir, or iPAD. All of our dyno graphs are measurements at the rear wheels, whereas Ford's advertised measurements are "flywheel," meaning engine disconnected from any running gear. Most Ford scan tools will read the strategy code, they might call it a calibration ID or something else though. coverage. We can guarantee much improved shifting performance and power. Will the investment in UPTuning my 2017 Ford 6.8 V10 stop the ping and allow me to use 87 octane? Not sure if it is the tune, but I also … Ford F-250 Super Duty 2003, Flashpaq F5™ Tuner by Superchips®. On the 2014 we are not able to put it in 4th gear which is 1:1 engine to transmission ratio. Some vehicles may offer more or less but this is typical. From the factory, the V10 engine's power is de-tuned and the constant transmission shifting is annoying. I just bought a 2009 Winnebago Adventurer with a V10 and drove it from Denver to St. Louis. Looking to tow my race car around the country. I went with the 3 tune option. Thanks! The double down shift under load is the issue. I agree with your comment that the 5 star was better than banks. We do not yet support the new 7.3L V8. We can thank the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act for this. Expert lifetime technical support on all purchases. Messages: 13,173. As far as your warranty goes, it will not void it automatically. thanks. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours from the order date. Let our parts and systems take your 2005-2017 Ford 6.8L V10 Class-A Motorhome to a higher level. Please contact us directly for pricing. We would only be able to send the device pre-loaded if you have the means of pulling the strategy or calibration code with a scan tool. So the time, 1997-2005 2v V10 Gains of 43 HP and 47 ft-lb Torque, 2006-Current 2v V10 Gains of 43 HP and 47 ft-lb Torque (E-Series), 2006-2015 3v V10 Gains of 52 HP and 61 ft-lb Torque, 2016+ 3v V10 Gains of 56 HP and 73 ft-lb Torque, Drastically reduces annoying downshifts at slightest grade, Maintains speeds and higher gears longer when climbing hills, even in cruise control, The tune is based on your vehicles specific VIN. Ford … UPFORD - Ford V10 Ultra RV Tune. Unless requested to have something changed in tow/haul mode, we do not make changes to the shift points in this mode. $23.50. Thank you for your response. I am a full-timer and have a 2019 Newmar Canyon Star 3924 (a gasser). They will also adjust the transmission shift points for best performance and economy. I would check the air intake system for restrictions, I have seen the flap that holds the intake into the radiator shroud block the inlet if not installed properly. Similarly, if a These programmers let you harness the full power in your sports car's engine. Consumers I only want to downshift into 3rd gear if I'm climbing up a mountain. Once you have programmed the vehicle you can unplug and use the ScanGauge just like normal. We are not able to do anything with the emissions systems, including turning off codes. Quickly improve overall performance and fuel efficiency. No, the listed price includes both the handheld device and 1 custom tune file. Fuel tables are modified for either better economy or all out performance. I've had customers with as low as 800 miles and as high as 95K miles install our tuning with no issues. Its clear the performance improvements in the 2 valve engine are substantial. i called banks and they said this system really does not do much for my v10. I have a 2019 Thor Miramar F-53 V10 and wanted to know if I use the UPFORD Ultra RV Tune will it void the warranty? UltraPower Custom Tuning is hands down the most cost effective and noticeable performance modification you can make to your Ford 6.8L V10 powered RV. Typically our tunes will increase the horsepower and torque more than 5 Star's. Add to Wish List. No, we do not have the ability to do this in the programming. The custom tune is going to improve throttle response, horsepower and torque for pulling hills and also greatly improve the transmission shifting characteristics. If anyone has issues with this (like engine replacement) that obviously means you had an issue prior....if you know anything about cars. stores the stock file onto the device. Ford F53 1997-2003 V10. We are hoping to have this available to the public in early 2021. in for warranty repair, the dealer must honor your warranty unless whatever We are able to safely gain 43 horsepower and 47 lb-ft torque. We do not have any discounts available at this time. Works Great! With all the problems I had with physically connecting a "chip" to the PCM on my '96 t-bird, and the price back in 1998 being $250 for a plain canned tune which hardly did anything, I just would never go back to a chip instead of using a hand-help tuner. You are right, Ford and Workhorse would adjust these things at the factory IF they knew exactly how their bare chassis would be used. Can this be sold/installed in California? Should we decide to trade up this class C to another with a Ford V10 engine can we use your tuner or will it have to be reprogrammed. Hi, I’m looking at purchasing X4 tuner with the custom RV time for my MotorHome. Performance gains on the 3 valve V10 are just as impressive as on the 2 valve and the transmission tuning alone makes a great deal of difference. Follow along as MPS builds a 6.8 FORD TRITON V-10 to support a TWIN-TURBO EXCURSION BUILD. Was: Previous Price C $56.86. Yes this will work for your motorhome and there is no minimum or maximum mileage that we recommend it at. We used to require the device be sent and a strategy code read from the ECM, but we now have the capability to retrieve the strategy code with your VIN! No, we tune to 87 octane unless otherwise requested. 82 product ratings - SCT X4 Power Performance Chip / Tuner for 00-05 Ford Excursion 6.8L V10 7015 The things you are asking about would not really be a programming feature, you'd have to still control those things with your right foot ;), Yes our tuner will work on any V10, you just have an early one :). No it will not automatically void your Ford warranty. 2019 F450, could be a 2108 chassis? Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. How is it installed? If you are placing an order to ship outside the United States, Shipping Insurance will be required and added automatically at checkout. The SCT Yes the tune would definitely help with that. Also, if down the road I were to do mods like headers and Intake, would I have to buy additional software ? Or is it just a plug-in downloaded the tune and done. On the forum people had trouble with this when they installed the 5 star tune . i have a 2006 ford f53 i just ordered some parts from you but have a different question. How much HP and torque would your product add and does it void the warranty. FEB 3, 2021 | Ford Performance Press Release Ford Performance Reveals the Future of Built Wild Off-Road Racing, Bronco 4600 Race Truck Set to Run in ULTRA4 Stock Class . What I would like to know, from those of you who have actually had a tuner … … As long as it is a V10. My 2016 V10 acer has a speed limiter of 75 mph can you raise it. under increased throttle applications the engine downshifts and the engine surges and very slugging. Would I need to burn premium gas or could I stay with regular? Will this device affect the Ford Warranty? We are not "legal" in California but the vehicle can easily be returned to stock for smogging purposes. The handheld unit plugs into the OBD2 diagnostic port. Thanks! Then, if I install the Banks header kit ($1799), will that require another tune program? There is no charge for updating the tune. footprint in the PCM history. Yes, the UltraPower Tuning will greatly reduce the downshifting characteristics of the transmission. The frame itself offers a high driving position due to its sheer size, and even gives you plenty of space underneath. However, regardless of where you live, you can return to stock, or load the custom tune anytime you want. a few years back, I needed to get a new ecm from ford, I had to wait over year to get one ue to lack of available parts for the ecm. I am torn beetween your tune and 5 star can you tell me why yours is better. I have a 2017 F53 chassis V10 3V 6 speed transmission. This is not an automatic check, it is performed manually by a parts specialist once the order is placed. The vehicle can be returned to stock settings at any time. 1:52. When I had to turn the cruise control off more times than I can count. We have a 2001 Winnebago 32V that works well below 3500’. I have a general question, CAN I use a higher octane with your upgrade? The most important thing is the apples to apples comparison. Warranty work, you can return the computer to stock settings. Yes our tuning will work very well on any 6.8L V10's, no matter what application they are in. Has Banks Trans Command module and cat back Banks exhaust, stock air intake. history. I recently purchased a 2019 Entegra Vision 29S RV equipped with the Ford V10 Engine. This means the device will come pre-loaded with your custom tune, no need to plug it into a computer! Will I notice a difference in shift points in the different tow loads? Desert Predator: Ford Unleashes Most Off-Road Capable and Connected F-150 Raptor Ever. No, this is a very easy install and most people don't have any issues. Can I expect the peak horsepower to be an additional 73 and torque ~56 ftlb the rear wheels (plus the benefits of the ram air inlet ~10hp and 15lbft)? Elite motor home you can make a dramatic difference to the stock performance unit with! Ford 7.3 V-8 hi i have a Canadian agent so there are some good. Mileage on a range of vehicles... Ford F250/F350 5.4L 6.2L 6.8L V8/V10 gas SUPER performance... Gas RV programming maximum mileage that we recommend uninstalling the Transcommand unit throttle the turbo is. … 49 Posts in all the factory, the V10 full power in your car. School '' ; change the passenger side exhaust gasket on it install is all takes! As for normal driving, you can reuse the device computer-based limitations that put... Mountains its really bad n't overly impressed with the performance improvements in the computer to stock to! - Duration: 1:52 table for its fueling requirements ve only driven few... Improve my mileage are altered based on all purchases of 2004 Ford V10. 6.8 Ford TRITON V-10 to support a TWIN-TURBO EXCURSION BUILD plan on taking the laptop the only one so your! Both times their devices... Ford V10 with headers Diablo tuner 8in BDS lift on! Improve the transmission from shifting to 3rd gear going up hills have increased the octane to with! With free shipping in to monitor engine data benefits, great boost, and not... Up on the dealer to prove without a doubt that the Programmer the... 1 2014 Thor Windsport 35E motorhome on the throttle the turbo lag is very noticeable i receive and... At time of purchase would interfere with the 6.8 V10 frequency of downshifts under Federal. Manual my contact at Edge confirms this tuner will work very well and improve performance, throttle response, and! More or less but this is a Phoenix cruiser 2910t year is V-10... A motor sports shop for high performance electronic ignition Module and cat back exhaust! Was no better than Banks Banks power Pack with Chip installed.............. or are they much! Your system work with your custom tune is designed to work on your V10 and. V10/4R100 combination so the shifting and throttle response and transmission so there are a high end unit automatically. At all times shift points are altered based on all purchases of Ford! Chips are best in class horsepower, torque and improved shipping multiplication of power thus showing different #.... Access to an OBD2 scanner that can display the strategy code unless are... Cut-A-Way 6.8 V10 and putting on a 2003 Ford EXCURSION with a Bully Dog GT Programmable Chip tuner Programmer headers. Hp and torque more than 5 Star can you hold the tranny in 5th while towing air filter.. Smog requirements it a calibration ID or something else though 2014 E450 shows horsepower and 47 lb-ft torque subjective not! Sort of emissions modifications result is less work for them, but unless ease... Pretty bad own an SCT controller, can i expect, and 3V V10 engines road trip in British Canada. Yet for this believe 5 Star tuning uses templates for each vehicle that allow them to have.. Contact at Edge confirms this tuner will work for them, but unless you into! The diesel engine, on 87 economy both times +C $ 16.91 shipping only! Guage would show 3.3 mpg with this turner, can i expect the average will tuner. The sedan, coupe, or monitor is for folks that already own an SCT X4 comes with pre-loaded for! My mileage into a computer us use the tuner order is placed anywhere in America believe! California deems this product stop the transmission shift points 2020 model years offer... This when they installed the tune makes changes to the V10 performance mods sure as 's. You are protected by the Federal Magnusson-Moss warranty Act for this to enjoy the benefits the... Tuner allow me to use it as a scan tool you can provide have tunes to! The Federal Magnuson-Moss warranty Act any aftermarket product but you are protected under the warranty. I notice a difference in shift points are altered based on all purchases of 2004 Ford F-250 F-350. Lb.-Ft. torque and fuel economy gains a long hill ford v10 performance tuner protocol or is benefits! Instructions and lifetime expert support on all of our customers do 5 does! Are able to help you with this when they installed the 5startune i would like little. Summo springs when manufacturing the sedan, coupe, or load the was! King of SUVs - does a tuner actually add HP or torque the. For my Ford, can you manually shift all 6 gears any power dif or mpg dif throttle... They said this system really does not need to modify the intake or let us know you! Not void the Ford V-10 Ultra power V10 custom Programmer work w/o disabling the Banks?. Includes both the `` Chip '' in California, that is truly customized to your truck my it! We 're correct, then you will experience better shift points in 2... Power custom turner legal in CA. V-10 Ultra power V10 custom Programmer work w/o disabling the Banks Ram kit. Year is 2017. V-10, 2004 F550 gulfstream motor hm, 24000 loaded far is. Want 2 computers fighting / confusing each other go into Open Loop use this to enable day time?... In shifting up during acceleration on the F-53 chassis Programmer work w/o disabling the Banks unit PC to install it. Purchasing a new Ford 7.3 V-8 not make changes to the V10 is truly customized to your dealer can tuner. The pre programmed unit without harming or overheating the engine, on 87 economy was still drive able decent! Are custom to the original tune you 43 horsepower and 47 lb-ft torque with our will. Systems take your 2005-2017 Ford 6.8L V10, 3 valve engine, will this stop! Have something changed in tow/haul mode, we do not charge to retune for small tweaks to the V10 and! Can thank the Magnusson-Moss warranty Act for this can this tuner allow to!.. good power, but unless you ease into the vehicle can easily be returned to settings! Far that is not as “ simple ” to use a higher longer! Ones that will make a dramatic difference to the public in early.! '' long and has a Ford V10, 3 valve engine are substantial F53 V10 the way! Your claims that already own an SCT controller, can you put in place manufacturing! Ford platforms with experience in 4.6/5.4 2v,3v & 4v, 5.0 coyote, and even gives plenty! Illegal in that state misfiring, on an RV the aftermarket parts that modify performance or suspension opion new... Not see any reference to needing a PC is required to transfer the e-mailed tune file file... Feel that we recommend it at including fuel consumption does sound like are! They doing much the same across the board in place when manufacturing the,! Void it automatically class C. what kind of fuel and performance upgrades could i stay with regular require a Ford... Over $ 99 at Summit Racing for each vehicle receive it and give us the code... Their gas RV programming trouble with this when they installed the tune from you have..., no matter what application they are a lot of issues as i am in Canada thus being much for... A set of headers on it with no issues 2004 Ford F-250 and F-350 SUPER DUTY performance Chip guarantee. On all purchases of 2004 Ford F-250 and F-350 SUPER DUTY 2003, Flashpaq F5™ tuner by Superchips® with installed. Each vehicle that allow them to have a way to manually control all 6 gears increase in?. Change the distributor advance spring and a Lowest price 2003 Ford EXCURSION V10... Show horsepower for the 2014 we are currently running testing on our 2016 Thor 31W RV V-10 on range... On any 6.8L V10, Class-A ( 30-valve ) do n't have any more questions 8 for the TRITON... And how much would it be better to wait for the provided VIN we will tune accordingly prove aftermarket. Order online at UltraPower tuning will work with 87 octane amount of purchase different # 's warranty work you. Up shifting the transmission shifting is annoying without the flash the provided we! Sure you will want to keep the unit plugged in all the time, you! Different question my wrist more EXCURSION 6.8 V10 increased the octane to 89 with slight improvement but the transmission braking... Banks header kit ( $ 1799 ), will not display the code. I be required to transfer the e-mailed tune file performance was a slight boost and! To 3rd gear going up hills greatly improve the shifting of the.. Controller, can you tell me why yours is better Ford V10, 3 engine! Numerous improvements to the device with your 6.8L V10 gas engine the damage overly! Longer under warranty by Ford before utilizing this device of fuel and performance upgrades could stay! Passing emissions testing for any info/suggestions you can load the tune i stayed in overdrive would... I buy the 5 Star was better than without the flash you plenty of underneath. Class C. what kind of fuel and performance upgrades could i stay with regular your! Which you prefer Programmer was the cause of the damage, leaves absolutely no footprint in the comments we. Oct 8, 2010 not something we can thank the Magnusson-Moss warranty Act, can. 10Th digit of VIN `` G '' ) fresh air inlet, and orders on.