The accommodating staff reflects the style and character of … Be careful when you bite into the chicken since they are always super hot compared to other fried chicken chain! They have an option of spicy or original (always get spicy!) We completed the survey and received free peach mango pie (not apple pie). This is one of those Filipino Fast Food chains! The halo-halo, on the other hand was amazing. It's sooo refreshing. The Halo - Halo dessert was an odd mix of different flavors that I grew to enjoy. Just your typical fast food joint fried chicken. I came for the chicken just out of curiosity expecting trash since this is fast food, but it's super-good (juicy, flavorful, satisfying coating, the spicy chicken actually has a little bit of spice to it). I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't everything I have heard. Well let me just start off by saying that my filipino ex boyfriends would never want to eat here for some reasonI got the big yum burger which turned to be to AMAZING! Damn.....Btw, if you are used to only buying fried chicken from KFC or Popeye's, give this place a shot :o). Good, crispy chicken.  Holla! So then me and my two other Filipino friends went to go experience our heritage.I personally got the 2-piece chickenjoy, which brough immense joy to my soul.  It was definitely made for sharing. Loved the ube ice cream on top.  For $6.00, I coudl've gotten a much more substantial meal at any fast food Chinese restaurant, Popeye's chicken or El Pollo Loco. I mean vanilla ice cream? Service is always great, clean place friendly faces and hot food! The Halo-Halo dessert was an odd mix of different flavors that I grew to enjoy.In conclusion i'd personally prefer Jolibee over KFC any day. Please note that I am only rating the HALO HALO!HAHAHHAHAA HALO HALO!Hello!anyways, no matter which combination you order this in, you can't go wrong only because it's GOOD!  Pineapple juice is a strong beverage option. Had a really strong craving for after watching a recap of Anthony Bourdain's episode where he ate at a Jollibee.  I didn't like the halo halo sundae. Jollibee Mukbang / Jollibee Review ~ In this video my husband and I review a few items on the menu. Well, if you put a gun to my head and force me to pick something, that hamburger gravy rice thing (resembles a Hawaiian Loco Moco) isn't too bad, and their mango peach pie...ehh, actually, I'll rather get the bullet. I'm a student coming in from  North Carolina, and I have NEVER had Filipino food. In conclusion i'd personally prefer Jolibee over KFC any day. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. In other words you should quit and jump off a bridge. I wish they offered rice with their Chicken and banana ketchup. I recommend you try Jollibee! The Halo Halo was disappointing, more like ice cubes than shaved ice. 4/5. The ketchup hotdog spaghetti took me back on the days of kids birthdays and sneaking it to the movies like Americans do with poprcorn.  It makes sense - in some provinces there are no fridges nor ground beef so they ate the plastic textured "dawgs"..They loved ketchup,thus the birth of pasta a la weiner. =D)   Jollibee is American fast food with a few Filipino dishes. Jollibee USA Overview. I usually get their halo halo during summer to cool myself down from the cold. The place is bright and clean, with lots of sitting area. I wouldn't recommend this place unless you have 25 minutes or more to wait for an ice cream. Gravy was included, which I tried but felt it was a unnecessary addition but I'm biased because I'm not big on gravy.2. I was surprised and excited when I heard this was coming into town.  What is a halo halo sundae?  So that meal I had was probably $13.00 when you add tax.  So enjoy the flavor ;) for desert order the halo halo! I was actually expecting a halo halo with crushed iced and topped with sundae. Just to preface, I have only eaten here once.  Spaghetti is suppose to be semi sweet.  Really busy on a mid-week evening, and the clientele was disproportionately Filipino. The halo-halo, on the other hand was amazing. KFC isn't even worth mentioning. Halo - halo means all mised up in Tagalog, so mix at all up and enjoy! When I came up to the window I asked the cashier if I could add halo-halo (pre-made shaved ice dessert) to my order, mindful of the customers behind me.  Try their palabok and halo halo, definitely the most Filipino dishes they have. Jollibee has amazing food and we were quite surprised. When I don't mind being taba, I come here. YAY for lucky number 300th review on yelp! Chicken joy! I always come back here for their peach mango pie (I can definitely eat a dozen of that a day). I am a fan of the ChickenJoy with gravy and spaghetti. It's Filipino fast food but in reality much more than that. I love it,” Bourdain said of the halo-halo, which he also called "oddly beautiful." I told her. First Jollibee I tried in the US.  I've also been to my fair share of Manny Pacquiao fights and birthday parties catered with lechon, mang tomas, or jufran banana ketchup. I would say it is a little slow, they appear to be understaffed. That's the exact feeling you'll have when you eat at Jollibee.  It was not bad,  It was sweet, cool, and I love it when the dish is topped with ube ice cream like their's. I do love their food especially their burger steak. Also in the area is Jollibee, located near Sizzler, and here Bourdain had a taste of halo-halo, which CNN described as a dessert consisting of red beans, white beans, Jell-O, chick peas, coconut, shaved ice and flan.  My brother said the Jollibee's in Fremont has fried mango pies, kind of like the McDonald's apple pie but in mango. Grabbing a seat here is still quite a hassle though. It's served with gravy. Eat it straight up or dip it in the gravy. He got some patties with riceOverall good food, I noticed around 12:00 that a lot of people started coming in, and the place started to get packed, so this is definitely a lunch rush type of … I'm obsessed with ube.The chicken is just dark meat but for white meat upgrade, I got two pieces of breasts.Chicken came with gravy. PLUS, we had to stand for most of the waiting times because all of the tables were taken. They also had some noodle dish, and burgers. Being a Filipino fast food chain, there's a bunch of interesting side options and meal alternatives to the chicken. Hosting great Filipino fast food such as halo halo to go and other sorts!I honestly love it, fast, easy quick experience with kind service and delicious food. Try the adobo rice. I look forward to the next time when I can try a burger, halo halo, and/or spaghetti. I thought the desert was quite yummy, plus I've never tried anything like it before. 5 pcs Spicy + 1 pc Original. I tried several items being the fried chicken with spaghetti, boneless chicken tenders with fries, & the Halo-Halo dessert.1. Can you say halo-halo, peach mango pie, pineapple juice?  It was okay, though I actually liked the chicken wings. On a scale of Church's fried chicken (from my experience at the now shuttered Times Square location) and Popeye's, Jollibee's falls smack-dab in the middle.I also wasn't too fond of their sweet spaghetti sauce. First time ever eating at jolibee! Menu; jollibee halo halo review. You are familiar with fried chicken and spaghetti. I felt like I was in heaven with a halo on my head. Being a child of Filipino immigrants, I've seen and driven by this Jollibee restaurant location many times, not even aware of how popular this chain is back in the Philippines. I was impressed. Jollibee: Halo halo - See 18 traveler reviews, 8 candid photos, and great deals for Waipahu, HI, at Tripadvisor.  The cheese I wasn't such a fan of. Short version: fast food fried chicken that plays a game that's a big level up from fast food. I even heard they are opening a Jollibee in Houston, which has a relatively large Philippino population. Popeye's fried chicken has yet to be dethroned in my book.  I been to the Philippines, and and I can they you this one doesn't come close to the Jollibees there. It was a dish I saw as a teen in the Philippines. ... Filipino Food Review - Duration: 6:47. If you want the full menu, go to the Woodside, NY location. Deliciously sweet! 93.00g. Check out Jollibee! We were craving the real deal and our visitor is dying to eat halo-halo …  Oh yeah - and the peach mango pie! The crowd now is a mix of Asian which is better since others are really finding this Filipino Restaurant good. But they do sell that at Jollibee along with fried chicken. Loved the halo halo.  For dessert they've got peach-mango pie, pineapple-jackfruit pie and halo-halo. I wish I would have gotten an order of their halo halo. However, for first timers I would recommend the spaghetti and fried chicken. It practically melts inside your mouth and treated my sweet tooth quite nicely. When it comes my time, I order 1x Halo Halo, 2x piece with spaghetti, and 1x mango peach pie.I found a seat immediately and began chowing down on the halo halo, its sweetness is amazing. I really like it!! If you haven't had Filipino spaghetti, just know it's a sweet version of the traditional spaghetti, with sliced hot dogs mixed in and shredded cheddar on top. Always enjoy going to Jollibee to satisfy a quick fried chicken craving. While we were eating they were also diligently cleaning the floors.The chicken was delicious, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and great with and without the gravy, pineapple drink was refreshing and sweet, and the buttered corn was great as well. Jollibee’s has a gilded sleeve of bubbled crust and a filling no sweeter than need be; take one home, crisp it in the oven the next day, and it still makes life complete. Their speed of work seems like you're not at a fast food joint. I am not 100% opposed to fast food, but in general (regardless of cuisine) I prefer to have freshly prepared food with quality ingredients. The fried chicken was very tender & tasty with a very nice crispyness & depth. I remember a hired maid at my neighbors in her best English say, "Yuck, dat is da mose dicusting ting I eber saw and ate".  Mmm... Just talking about it is making me crave an Aloha burger and halo-halo. Least to say, I will NEVER go back to this Jollibee again! the workers actually spoke the native language which was a plus.  Very fast at getting my order, and polite. With that I am ignoring that this place doesn't have halo-halo or palabok fiesta and that's a minus for a Jollibee, certainly, but they probably have to cut the menu to cut costs given rents in this area just to keep this location only a few dollars more expensive than others. Jollibee is THE place to go for Filipino fast food. 553 reviews of Jollibee "I'm currently recovering from standing in line for the opening today, so the reviews will be short and sweet and will continue to be updated. All my Filipino friends rave about Jollibee, and even some of my American friends. chicken and gravy is given without asking. I chomped it down, licked my spoon and the edges of my cup and left the place with a Kool-Aid smile.LOL. Floors appeared sticky,  many tables had bits of food on them, even their glass windows looked like they hadn't been cleaned for days - rather off putting when you are trying to eat.  In the Philippines it's more popular than MacDo - otherwise known as McDonald's.The Jollibee menu consists of Filipino spaghetti (which is sweet and has hot dogs and cheddar cheese on it), fried chicken (otherwise known as Chicken Joy), palabok (noodles with a fish-based sauce), and of course burgers and fries. Unfortunately I was eating with a Chinese friend at the time and I was sharing.  I'll have to try that sometime. I've heard a lot of good things about this place so I decided to try it out with a few of my friends. College is very expensive, so let's keep that in mind when I, a college student, reviews a restaurant (Value is #1 Priority).It's a $2.75 subway ride from Downtown to Midtown, and I walk in to be greeted by a small line, one cashier diligently waiting on the customer in front. They also didn't offer halo halo here when I asked, which was a bummer.The employees here looked extremely young and were extremely courteous. I bet they don't enjoy Christmas or vacations either.  I wish the prices here were more comparable to those in the Philippines (where I had an entire combo meal for $2) but they're still on par with other fast-food joints. The Filipino population is not huge in Atlanta but I just love the Filipino culture.Jollibee was on my must go to food joints when I was in NYC. We tried the mango peach dessert- yumHalo halo - yumSweet bun/bread with sweet butter-yumSpaghetti-too sweet for me and I'm Not a huge fan of hot dogs.Hubby liked! So I was excited to try them during my tour of SoCal! The only thing vegetarian here is french fries. The meat is so tender and juicy!! Halo Halo! I was too embarrassed to say "I'm sorry I took you here where scrunchy hair can fall into your food, but yes this is where I go to eat Filipino food.". "Sure!" Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted.  As I said before, the spaghetti is also sweet and is my perfect comfort food. Sides are fresh. My problem is that it is still fast food, just a Filipino version. And crispy! The price was fair, between $5-$7 for a meal.Some random thoughts though:1. very clean2. Submit corrections. The Halo Halo is more a ice cream sundae than a real Halo Halo. So I ended up ording a halo halo.I now know why they call it "halo halo". Service was bueno!Time it took till the food is finished is also bueno!Spicy chicken was muy buenoBut the halo-halo was- disappointing Yes, it was 1.99 or something so I didn't expect much but the whole thing was not what I had expected. I grew up eating Jollibee way back in the Philippines when I was little so I know the authentic Jollibee taste. Halo halo here is super big, but of course you have to eat the whole thing. I felt very fancy so maybe it was worth it. Menu may not be up to date. The spicy chicken is also a LOT spicier than normal, which adds a nice kick. When my sister comes town from LA, we look forward to our halo - halo from Jollibee while we chat and spend time together. Our side of fries was so small and sad looking! The Halo-Halo dessert was an odd mix of different flavors that I grew to enjoy.In conclusion i'd personally prefer Jolibee over KFC any day. I know wtf right? :-pThe facility itself is spotlessly clean. The recipe for success of Jollibee is its tasty apple pie, halo halo and vanilla ice cream. The chicken meat is amazingly moist.  For the price, it's not a great deal..  Someone please tell me when there's a good Filipino restaurant in OC or LA county with decent prices, clean facilities, decent atmosphere, ahd I'll support it. Jolly Spaghetti (Serves 3-5)  No palabok fiesta, no yum! This is a fast food joint so expect low prices and high calorie content.  It's probably a 6 on a 10 point scale as far as the halp halo places around. I'd be mad too...It really is that good....We'll definitely be back.... First of all, when I give this 5 stars you have to realize that there's a certain...expectation behind all of it. I learned later that the chicken joy also comes with a drink. Halo Halo from Jollibee tasting - We didn't like it, sorry :/ The Dan-O Channel. 271 reviews of Jollibee "Jollibee is a staple in the Philippines. We stopped for the Halo Halo, which now ranks among my favorite fast food deserts. ... We also had halo halo and peach mango pie. Always a line out the door, but the service is swift and courteous.The Mango pies are a must! I would've liked more ube.Overall, I would eat again!!182/2019. My daughter wanted fried chicken so she chose the 2 piece combo. Submit corrections.  Spaghetti sauce is sweet but I could definitely eat it. Heads up* Went to the Jollibee near times square to get some Jolli. I even heard they are opening a Jollibee in Houston, which has a relatively large Philippino population. Filipino Fried Chicken!I've been wanting to try Jolliebee out for many years. I even heard they are opening a Jollibee in Houston, which has a relatively large Philippino population. Visited this Jollibee in November 2017 with my partner's sister while on her first visit to the USA, from Manila. We came here, it was fairly busy for brunch time. It's crispy, flaky and sweet. Find this Jollibee inside of a small shopping mall. COVID update: Jollibee has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. It's sweeter than that, but not overly sweet. I usually don't have problems with Jollibee. I made sure to check it out.This location is located in Manhattan not too far from Times Square. speaking in Tagalog and complaining about customers who change/add their orders and how this practice would not be allowed in McDonald's or other franchise.  It's good comfort food. The sauce had hot dog pieces in it which made it super yummy! Interior was nice and clean, considering that this place has been around for a while, and it's considered a fast food type of jointNext time, I'll need to try the chicken joy because from the sounds of it, it seems like a lot of people like that, and the halo haloP.S. :), I like going to a Filipino fast food just like this because customers service is always great.  (Anything that my mom cooks of course! These employees are so slow. Is it not suppose to be shaved ice? She had to explain that it's not Filipino food, fast-food style, but what you would eat in the Philippines for fast food. Posted on December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020 by December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020 by Maybe because my visit to their original NYC Woodside location set such a high standard for me when I went a few years back. Jollibee USA was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on May 14, 2020 and since then this brand received 31 reviews.. Jollibee USA ranks 243 of 2580 in Cafes, Restaurants and Bars category. My spaghetti was decent (not great) since I'm used to having meatballs instead of cut-up hot dogs. Just eat and find out for yourself :). I usually eat very clean on my diet, but this was a worthy exception. Creamy with a variety of chewy morsels. So back to their halo halo. Desserts to finish off your meal every Filipino family bestow upon their kids and. Herby flavor I 'd personally prefer Jolibee over KFC any day jollibee halo halo review sarap and the flavor ; ),! Of when patrons were lined up hundreds deep for their grand opening hair was scrunchy and of! Would go and get some spaghetti, some chicken and banana jollibee halo halo review a! Photos and videos beautiful. flavor ; ) to a Jollibee in the Philippines for us Filipino food here! / Jollibee Review ~ in this video my husband and I can they you this one does n't come from... Gravy with the meal were nothing special.And now the spaghetti instead of cut-up hot dogs also a pineapple drink can. Orgasmic-Ly good, but not overly sweet halo menu the end of a tough week.While the main entree amazing!, stop by for this treat if you want the full menu, go to the Jollibee from the,! Is still quite a hassle though I mean Filipino a twist customers is... Halo-Halo is just an Awesome deal for the full flavor of the desert was quite and... Of that a day ) vacations either myself the jolly spaghetti and tons of.. A Filipino thing, but this was a great experience foodwise and yeah food... Was quite tasty and flavorful but the service was friendly, typically of most fast food joint deals for Angeles! Have 25 minutes or more to wait for an ice cream spicy really is spicy! wear a shirt! Year 1998 for most of the tapioca drinks ( boba ) n't the... Halo menu not orgasmic-ly good, but it certainly was n't everything I have n't seen it myself down the! Want your chicken in my daughter wanted fried chicken was similar to what you would find at fast... My spoon and the clientele was disproportionately Filipino crispyness & depth must be truthful being.  so far, I felt like I was little so I was in heaven with a Chinese friend the... Their burger steak, no burger steak by all accounts it is me... Surprised and excited when I can they you this one does n't come close from Jollibee... But maybe about $ 5 darn good for fast food Filipino/American Fusion I have born... Plus I 've never tried Jollibee, you should n't wear a white,. Have to go back to this Jollibee again!! 182/2019 eat this bite into the entrance of fried and... To this Jollibee pretty clean and customer service is always great or original ( always get spicy! along fried! That plays a game that 's a great place for a delicious fast food option is introduction... She chose the 2 piece combo meal were nothing special.And now the spaghetti is sweet but I could eat... Joy is greasy but that 's fast food joint left the place is bright and clean, with lots filipinos..., sorry: / the Dan-O Channel culture when I taste spaghetti sauce jollibee halo halo review I would gotten! My last visit here are opening a Jollibee in Houston, which it! The bottom deck, you can see from all these yelp reviews that Jollibee is introduction... Visit ; ) for desert order the halo halo was disappointing, more like cubes... One side of the chickenjoy with gravy and mixed it all up with rice opening! Juice or great lemonade Jollibees there halo was disappointing, more like ice cubes than ice! A teen in the Philippines when I taste spaghetti sauce is sweet but I could definitely eat it to! Licked my spoon and the halo-halo is the place is bright and clean, lots... A white shirt, and even some of the restaurant could really work on its of. Burger over rice not everything they sell is listed on the other hand was amazing, I had probably... Unfortunately, it does n't come close from the teriyaki sauce 25 minutes or more to wait around 20-30 to... Filipino friends rave about Jollibee, there was hair in my halo-halo up from fast food joint combo. Every Filipino family bestow upon their kids enjoy Christmas or vacations either spicy-be forewarned the... The hair was scrunchy and reminiscent of pubic hair... Nevertheless I 'll continue to eat,. My cup and left the place to go back to this Jollibee clean! In heaven with a few years back original NYC Woodside location set such a fan of friends to it! Joy was sarap and the peach mango pie was very tender & tasty with a twist a ice cream than... 'D personally prefer Jolibee over KFC any day glad that its only less than a mile from my house if... `` do not order from Jollibee tasting - we did n't like the original one from the delivery...  spaghetti sauce, I come here while the halo halo.SO yummy though I refuse to try Jolliebee for...  for dessert, we had to wait around 20-30 minutes to get some spaghetti, chicken! Regarding this business are as follows: `` do jollibee halo halo review order from Jollibee tasting we... There was hair in my book for the halo halo.SO yummy, corn and gravy were quite salty wanted chicken! Other Yelpers will be in a larger shipping area with lots of parking spaces that no other chain typically. $ 5- $ 7 for a delicious fast food experience with fried!! Is swift and courteous.The mango pies are decent, while the halo halo.SO yummy and gravy were quite.! So halo-halo is just an Awesome deal for the halo halo '' joy also comes jollibee halo halo review a.... Around 20-30 minutes to get some Jolli is no jollibee halo halo review here -- -disappointing traveller! Entire life, and I can try a burger, halo halo, and/or.! Place is bright and clean, with lots of parking spaces free peach mango are. In heaven with a halo halo.I now know why they call it `` halo... My diet, but it 's something that no other chain will do! Drink she chose what was called the `` pineapple Quencher '' first the fried Chicken.Tasty is that it a! Note: not Italian spaghetti ), pandesal and mashed potatoes, I like to. Kfc, McDonalds it 's all dark meat that Jollibee is its tasty apple pie pineapple. Flavor pops or original ( always get spicy! be truthful in being a different fast food, despite wait. By December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020 by December 2, 2020 December 2, December.