Will. Hi Guili, nice to hear from you, the ‘tar gel‘ will give you a nice dripping effect. Gel medium is a white, paste-like gel that will thicken your paint so that it retains brushstrokes ideal for impasto techniques. To use it, first apply it to your surface using a paintbrush or palette knife. Do you have any suggestions? Cheers, Will. Can anyone tell me if that’s true and what specific product to use. Would they allow the second or third layers to cast shadows? Hope this helps. Or do you have a better recommendation? Is there any cheaper substitute for the Golden Clear Tar Gel / Self leveling clear gel ? I’m experimenting with piping acrylic to create a raised image over a colourful background. Hi Julien, most pouring mediums will have a self-levelling quality to them, you can get thicker mediums like the Vallejo Thick Pouring Medium, or have you had a look at the golden tar gel? Hi Will Thanks for that although i did try to add some water but the paint started to mix. I’ll have a read up on varnishing too. and if so, how should it be applied? Hi Natasha, if you’re working with acrylics you don’t need to use gesso, you can apply the paint straight to the canvas, it will just give you a different effect. A lady at Hobby Lobby told me to use gloss gel medium to get the perfect reflection but I have no idea how to use this with the paint. When the isolation coat has dried – I simply apply the glossy glazing liquid which is then the protective coat which can be removed if needed? A regular gel medium will work well for image transfers. I’m just getting into acrylics and really enjoying your site. 2. Absolute Beginners Water-Mixable Oils Course, Studio Notes // 003: Art, Fear & Paint Stories, In the second lesson, we approach the painting wit, I’ve just posted two new free videos to the Will, Thanks for all your support, enthusiasm and fab cr, How to Paint a Simple Snowscene with Acrylics – video tutorial. Hi Crystal, yes, you can use airbrush medium as an extender, or even work with fluid or high flow colours that come premixed into a fluid form. In all cases I brushed a thin layer of the gel to the area outside the image so the whole thing had a consistent finish. Cheers, Will. I “completed” an acrylic on canvas about 6 months ago and sealed it with satin spray varnish. Yes, you can use Gel medium as a glue ontop of your painting, it works best if you apply the gel medium to the painting, then apply paper, then apply another coat of medium over the top. … Is that true? You might find this video helpful that looks at the difference between Golden Gels and Pastes. Is it possible to add another coat of the gel. your knowledge is a tremendous help in wading through the plethora of gels, mediums and other additives. I’m currently taking adult education classes in painting and drawing, and am doing quite a lot of painting at home now. What it will do is add texture to your piece but won’t make the white ‘pop’. What would you reccomend for a more intricate portrait? © 2019 CraftyArts.co.uk. Hoping you can help me. What kind of glue should I use? I recently started painting again (after – ehm – about 10+ years) and used to use Golden. Hi Susan, You can use a gel coating to bring all the elements together in a unified film, so it is just for aesthetic reasons than anything else. Hi Donna, an acrylic gel (or acrylic paint) over an oil painting is a professional no-no. Hey Manu, nice to hear from you, yes you can mix heavy body acrylics with a heavy gel to hold its shape, it can work brilliantly with palette knife painting. My concerns are to keep the red wine color intact and to also preserve the cork itself. I’m now following you page and have bookmarked it for references for future projects! Thanks for the fast response and the reccomendation on the tar gel. Thank you so much for your help and for this site :) Diane. Thanks! I’m guessing I can clear coat the collage with a gel/medium to protect that image and then go about painting on top of that. Thanks for all the extremely helpful lessons! Cheers, Will, Hi will, Thank you for the info. Hello Will!! If conditions warrant, a vapor respirator for protection against ammonia may be used. Cheers, Will. Maybe a diamond/glitter ethereal affect I hope to achieve. Hi, i am new to here and to ‘art’. I am a beginner and just started using soft gel matte, it says it is cancer causing, should I be using a mask and cover my hands? Either you can use an acrylic that has already been thinned in the manufacturing process such as high flow acrylics or fluid acrylics, or use a flow release to give you a staining effect with heavy body paints. Hi Karen, mixing in with soft gel would work, just test a small piece first to see if it is the effect you’re after. I actually do watercolors and I am looking for something easy to use as protection, to do 6 spray layers, then an isolation coat, and then 4-6 varnish coats just won’t happen… but am thinking that there surely must be an easier alternative. Do you have any thoughts? Can u add any detail once this pouring over the painting has begun like using Saran wrap to give a look of ice over the leaves. Hi Will I have been studying your material (thanks) on acrylic mediums/gels. I have heard spraying the paint on your palette with a mixture of water and retarder helps keep paint workable longer…do you recommend, and if so, at what ratio? is this correct? And don’t forget to update your brush collection with some new acrylic brushes for the best effects!