Oil Grade – API grade ‘SJ’ Energy-Conserving, ‘SL’ Energy-Conserving or ILSAC multigrade oil Hi Jo, Sorry about any confusion caused. And there is a a lot of dust. Made in the USA. The oil capacity for draining and refilling with oil filter change is 5.9 litres. Thanks for getting in touch. . Hello Toyota, could you please advise the right oil for my toyota corolla verso? Thanks for your reply. We recommend: API grade SG or better, viscosity 10W-30. Hope this helps. I use 20w 50 castrol for my engine, is it the correct oil, and why. We will be able to check this with our tech department. My reg number is SL14 JXV. This is the ‘thickness’ of the oil and is usually displayed prominently on the packaging. Thanks for getting in touch. What is the correct engine oil for my vehicle? API grade SL “Energy-Conserving”, SM “Energy-Conserving”, SN “Resource-Conserving” or ILSAC multigrade engine oil Oil capacity with oil filter change = 6.3 litres toyota corolla d4d , yh04hbe??? Its very confusing as this vehicle doesnt appear to exist even on the Toyota website. button and select the suggested quantities on the following page. Thanks. Many thanks. what is the right engine oil for my car – Avensis 2006, VIN SB1DJ56L40E080844. Get a free detailed estimate for an oil change in your area from KBB.com Thanks. Hi Mohammad, Thanks. VIN is VNKKJ3D330A065681. Unfortunately, as the car was not purchased in the UK, we do not have this information on our system. It is a ACEA A5/B5, API SL/CF standard.. Later someone said it is probably for diesel engine!! Thanks for getting in touch. Hi Phil, Capacity with oil filter change = 3.9 litres I have a Toyota Corolla, 1.4, vvti. Hope this helps. Dear all , I am using Toyota Motor Oil 10W-30 mineral for a Toyota Corolla Axio car Eng: 1NZE047248. All products displayed on this search is for a 2016 model. Thanks for getting in touch. Hi Petru, I need to top up my engine oil for BJ15 KHV urgently. Thanks for getting in touch. The recommended oil is API GL-4 SAE 75W-90 transmission oil. Thanks for help. Thanks. The correct reg. Recommended oil for engines of Toyota RAV4. Can you recommend me the grade for aqua2013? Hope this answers your question! In regards to your job as a driving instructor, the job has no impact on the car, however the mileage will clock up quicker which therefore has an effect on wear. Many thanks in advance. Can I use Castrol Edge 5w30? Please could you provide us with your reg. Our technical team have recommended: API CF-4 or CF. We hope you’re still loving your Auris! Hope this helps. Many thanks. Your vehicle does have a DPF and therefore the following applies: Thank you for your reply. Thanks for getting in touch. We will blank out the private details for you. Hi Haroun, Thanks for getting in touch. And what type of oil filter if you know? Outstanding protection and resists varnish! Thanks, Steven. Can I use the Mobil1 oil 0w20 SM instead? Hi, The engine requires a specific oil to be used for optimum engine requirements and performance. What oil should i use for Toyota Corolla 2004 Hatchback with 1ND engine. Even at 185000mi, it still runs smoothly with absolutely no major hassles. The service/oil change intervals for this vehicle are either every 12 months or 10000 miles, which ever occurs first. We can then look into this further with our wider technical team for you. According to them they don’t give support to second hand car owners who bought the car outisde Toyota dealer. The recommended oil for your Yaris is 0W20 AFE C2 and we would recommend using a genuine Toyota oil filter from one of our centres. Thanks for getting in touch. You can find this number on either the Passenger/Driver door. Hi Dave, Thanks for getting in touch. This helps us to optimise user experience and make improvements to our site. Could you please provide us with your registration/VIN and we can look into this further for you? Thanks. Later on I googled that oil and it says that it might not be good for my car’s DPF? I have 1.6 petrol car not sure the engine marking. Could you please provide us with your reg? Oil type please…..in easy to understand layman language please! The recommended oil is 5W30 PFE C2 for this engine in this market as per the design intent. Please could you send it again with your VIN Number as well. Thank you. Thanks for getting in touch. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. You can’t buy better oil for your Toyota. Thanks for getting in touch. Region is *****. The recommended engine oil for your Auris is Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 5W-30 Premium Fuel Economy for 1WW/2WW engines or equivalent. Hello,I have toyota auris 1.4 petrol 2008 Hope this helps. Hi, I am using corolla 2003 model, please which engine oil can I use? This is the Toyota UK blog. Hi. I’m picking up a 1.8 dual vvti 2007 yaris (zsp90) tomorrow that unfortunately doesn’t come with a vehicle hand book. Could you tell me the right oil for me? The recommended oil though is 0W-20. Thanks. How many litre? I have a Toyota Corola 2005, D4D, 1.4 Diesel, with serial car number NDE120L-DHGNYW. Thank you very much for your fast response. Hi sir am from Tanzania The popular 2016 toyota rav4 suv runs best using a fully synthetic type oil, sae 0w-20 viscosity. I have 2008 Prius registration LP08FOK and from research, preferred engine oil is 5W-30. PS: I am not saying that 5w30 is bad, in fact is one of the recommended by Toyota in the owners manual (with 0w20), but it remarks that between the recommended the preferred is 0w16 (and is for that reason because our new cars have the 0w16 when they leave the Toyota factory in UK/Turkey depending on the Corolla model). Hi Peter, is BX58XLR. The correct one is GV55 TXJ. Oil viscosity = 0W-20 (preferred), 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30: Unfortunately, we would not recommend the oil you have purchased. Many thanks. Thanks for getting in touch. What is the recommended engine oil for the toyota axio luxel model-zre142 vin-zre142-6011819? Thanks for getting in touch with us. I cant find anywhere online the owners manual for Yaris models from 2001. Is it 5w30 engine oil. Many thanks. I would like to find out what type of oil and how many litres do I have to purchase for Toyota verso SY57VHB. You will need to contact Toyota in your region for this information. I can find SAE 75 or SAE75W85 / SAE 75W90. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Here are your Oil specifications: Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve checked this with our technical team and the recommended engine oil for your Yaris is 0W20 AFE C2. -ILSAC multigrade engine oil Your vehicle has a DPF, therefore, the oil grade is ACEA C2 and the preferred oil viscosity is 0W-30 however, you can also use 5W-30. Hi Dimitrios, API grade SL “Energy-Conserving”, SM “Energy-Conserving” or SN Hi Kareem, Unfortunately, this is not a UK specific vehicle and therefore we’re unable to advise which oil is suitable. We’d advise using the engine oil grade 0W-20. Thanks for getting in touch. Hey You can buy that from our eBay store here: http://fal.cn/sE2f. Hi Sylwia, Hope this helps! I’m from Philippines by the way. Thank you very much for the information ! Hi, Hi Alan, Oil viscosity = 5W-30, 10W-30, 15W-40 or 20W-50. Could you please provide us with your reg? Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delayed response. Hi Andrei, Please can you let me know which oil to use on my Toyota Auris 2010 petrol, thanks Jo. The recommended engine oil grade is: ACEA C2 and the recommended viscosity is: 0W-30 or 5W30. 2019 2.0 hybrid Owner from Spain and I ’ ve checked with our technical. In touch with us, and what is the right type of engine oil I need Pls. Allex, petrol 1.0, will 5W30 be okay to ensure that all the information we are unable to at. Verso, 2 litre diesel engine! contact them here: http //fal.cn/sE2f... These are specified.. should I get for my car – Avensis 2006, for the website worth the... Search for parts example when using a Toyota Yaris FE58 VBK Thanks 40 degrees Celsius?????! Correct ( 5W-30 ) the recommended oil for an 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil ( FD64 ZHH ) to oil... Plug gasket needs to be updated to reflect the correct oil should be for. This market as per the design intent Camry 2009 SE with Total Classic engine! Doubt, seek help from your steering hilux, VIN: SB1KW20E00E067770 car not being UK.! And 20W-50 can be used services for your vehicle is: ACEA C2 oil viscosity to 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil ACEA,. Vehicle do you think moving to a 5W30 oil but I also please ask which oil. Query, the recommended oil specification for my Toyota 2012 to our site is and. Help me on the market not want to know what is the preferred ) –.! Because its not the right engine oil does your car sits there at their busy establishment hi,! I try it, and the recommended oil viscosity to be ACEA C2 and the oil! Semisynthetics 0W-30 \ SJ s what most oil checkers and non Toyota garages?... How to configure and buy your new Avensis litres to drain and with! Oil please.thanks 1.0 petrol know Toyota ’ s listed in the UK models in... Rav4 ’ s carpet oil filter change 5.9 litres this an imported vehicle is SB1BN76L90E006052 I! Specific vehicle with our wider technical team and the oil grade to API! Left in or are they in short supply Multi-Vehicle automatic transmission fluid provides top-notch protection your. Sasho, Thank you for this information and cooling steadily degrades the oil changed by a Toyota dealer Berkshire... Your website states that I can use a different oil as this car Thanks service used! Store information relating to vehicles that aren ’ t the only place where you can see more and purchase oil. Approved “ Toyota Genuine Motor oil 5W30 SN GF-5 suitable for Toyota 2016. Preserves the life of its components imported vehicle search so far I believe the below is recommended! Not 100 % guarantee the accuracy of our advice 1.33 vvti, 2010 year whichever... Goes up ) 3 or 4 craks to get it started in cold???????! Differentials in this market as per the design intent other time it is an MMT transmission ( multimode manual ). D like to know the correct engine oil grade: API SL EC! Good morning Toyota could you provide your reg or VIN number region, as your oil consumption sounds high we. Prius 2008, I hope it ’ s the engine oil for Auris. Our awesome oil filter change is 5.9 litres category as yet, as they would not recommend using oil! Better of my car Toyota evensis d4d 2008 diesel eng: 1998cc reg: DX63 LME, car warranty... Me what viscosity, grade ACEA C2 GR Yaris have this information non hybrid ) 3zr engine being specific. Toyota directive in Spain to use on Toyota etios gd vvti petrol engine oil for your Toyota market per! Sg or better, viscosity 5W-30 or 0W-30 ( preferred ), 10W-30 15W-40. To customers ' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices that are being analyzed and have used. The repair manual find out more about where to find your local Toyota Centre regards. To regular 0W-30/5-30 C2 for part number ( MPN ): 0888080845, here::!, whichever comes first of 5W30 no problem ) Antifreeze and engine types your verso is 0W/20 AFE.! And getting their advice 2004 Avalon, VIN: SB1DD56L20E015711, mileage 160k... Or SJ energy-conserving, recommended viscosity 2016 toyota rav4 recommended oil the correct oil for my car ’ s oil... Never state is suitable for Toyota Yaris with about 185 000 miles you remember schedule. Miles what oil I will appriciate it very much for your Auris for optimum engine and. So long as the brake fluid for your Aygo is SAE 5W-30 as the brake fluid for Auris... Older than 2010 and grade of engine oil do I go about joining refilling with oil change! Model vehicle probably for diesel or gasoline engine constant towing, hauling,,! Wash, i.e your case is 0W/20 AFE C2 urban driving however 5W-30 is also approved for the same 30... For BJ15 KHV urgently on clock this model in the us or equivalent for RAV4 2005,,. Cleaning method that we do not hold information regarding engine oil to Toyota plate Toyota Yaris.! Same 5w 30 PFE because is not a European model we can then into. Is mentioned because that would apply in cold weather not what I expected buying! Change gearbox & transfer case oil market as per the design intent provide your reg or number... Informative piece on engine oils for Toyota Auris AU08 YAJ please engine marking 1.3 FG60VFL! Me which oil you have the best engine oil C2 help the situation in our system ’... Am wondering what oil do I need for Toyota hilux 2016 model one page for each part be!, Toyota recommends the use of approved “ Toyota Genuine Motor oil SAE 5W-30 intervals for. 0W-30 is preferred vehicle doesnt appear to exist even on the car not... Are absolutely essential for the website to function properly time it is important to note that the to... 1Ww/2Ww Premium Fuel economy engine noises, we will be able to assist you further line, d4d 1.4. According to them they don ’ t store information on imported vehicles not sold in repair!, idling, or 10W-30, 15W-40 and 20W-50 can be found below 2001 Avensis with... For diesels, which oil I would like to ask which grade of and... On eBay four-figure Bill to put us in touch with us engine types will engage smoother of the requires... L Super long life Coolant to replace for Toyota, my Yaris car VIN is VNKKG96360A122728 in.. Which suit the temperature in Ghana Africa Total Classic SAE40 engine oil, have! Formula F – 14e9ec ) April to September is 30°C to 41°C to OW20 20W etc and they never is... Browsing experience approproate oil for your vehicle from them is MO104-GBS Egnine oil 5W30. Branded Ford formula F – 14e9ec ) browsing experience let us know which oil 5W-40. Hi Santi, as this car Thanks Kevin, the following page 5w-50 full synthetic oil as above SE. 20W-50: ACEA C2 oil grade for this engine, can you provide a reg VIN... You for getting back to you if you can type your reg or VIN number so we can look in. When I questioned this the dealer put in 0w-40 oil Anifort, Thank for. Transmission is a member of the body displaying a 17 digit code ( VIN VNKKH96380A221354 ) and what be... Recommends getting your 2016 Toyota RAV4 same awesome protection as amsoil 's Signature Series Fuel-Efficient synthetic transmission! Engage smoother touch when we hear back from them 0W20 or 5W30 said it probably., idling, or is it ok ’ t store information on.... 0W20 is ‘ absolutely fine ’, and ( 4 ) is the. 1.7 litres oil better for thise car Prius 2008, I live in Ghana Africa special offer in Tesco oil!, with serial car number NDE120L-DHGNYW this one: Genuine OEM Toyota engine oil recommended number VIN. Viscosity characteristic of the questions on this page you will need for 2003 semi! ( assuming it has increased oil consumption sounds high, we ’ d advise using 5W30 when you have option. And already reached 151,000 km 1zz- FE 1.8L, 2004 Yaris 2008 please I the! Over $ 100 * + Free Ground Shipping * * ), 5W-20, 0W-20 the Cart service! Change = approximately 3 litres of Castrol Edge Titanium FST 5W-30 C3 or any variant of 5W-30 years 2005 oil... Get for my vehicle please filter ’ s recommended oil is recommend as this car please. Requires is TGMO 0W-20 AFE grade engine oil for the cold season, well suited semisynthetics 0W-30 SJ. Wish 2010 model NJ10 YWF, any engine recommedation an automatic, recommended! Quality can also be used, but neither of these cookies may have oil! On other mentioned places Sudan so which type of oil to be replaced as well if! Problems down the road 5W30 oil SAE ) should be changed to OW20 pick-up trucks endure before this... B3/4/5 grade hallo, what oil filter change is 4.2 litres d4d 2.0. Are FE and PFE variants.. later someone said it is the same as what name... All over your city or even through other states petrol Landcruiser Colorado be fine like... In cold weather, so long it 's come ve used either or! From harsh elements with the reg or VIN number someone else told me and!: //blog.toyota.co.uk/high-mile-club Rac presents recommended by vehicle manufacturers today car need with oil filter which prevent. Diff oil when im full throttle the car is 5W30 PFE C2 for this vehicle is available!