It is recommended that the evaluation committee consists of three members, but the minimum requirement is two members. Marine Geophysicist CSIRO. The presentation must be documented by a copy of the presentation and the conference programme. We need a copy of the entire diploma, not just the front page. This website provides an overview of PhD courses in the Social Sciences offered at Norwegian universities. During the defence, the opponent and the doctoral student are usually turned halfway towards each other. The scheme is announced once a year, normally with a 1 October application deadline. The grants are distributed by the Committee for Research Training based upon applications from the departments and the PhD students. Travel and conference funding will be available for course participants. Application for final approval of the instruction component: All PhD-students must apply to have the instruction component finally approved by the Committee for Research Training prior to submission of the thesis. You can elaborate upon and, if necessary, rectify aspects in the articles in the summary. Any deviation from the progress schedule must be reported to the institute leader. You can seek advice from the Head of Department/Deputy Chair/PhD Coordinator or the Section for Research, Education and Communication (FUFHSL). Once submitted, a work cannot be withdrawn until it is finally decided whether the doctorate is worthy of defending. TODOS - PhD students at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway. Stanford offers various Ph.D. programs in business, education, medicine, sociology, and biology. The instruction component shall consist of a total of 30 credits, and contain all of the programme's compulsory courses. The report will conclude about: The report will be sent to you, and you will get the opportunity to make comments on it before the faculty makes a decision whether the recommendation is approved or not. UiT – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), The Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE), has a PhD fellow position available within Cultivability of Marine Microbiomes. Such preliminary recommendations from the committee are not considered a rejection, but as part of the first submission. UiT and the faculty has some requirements in order to make the application for admission complete. The PhD students receive close follow-up and academic guidance, but must take responsibility for the planning and implementation of the dissertation work. Whether you want this, is up to you to decide. - Remember to sign at the bottom: Claimant’s signature. You cannot move the thesis. Persistence! Description of the primary data and sources to be used, including how data will be collected/sampled and analyzed (where relevant). The theme for the discussion shall be the following: - Progress according to plan - Hypothesis - Chosen methods - Preliminary results - Presentation of the results - The student´s academic skills - Coherence of the work that has been done - The scope and structure of the supervision - Suggestions for improvements/changes in the project - Themes connected to the conditions of cooperation with the supervisor(s) The total scope of the assessment seminar is 90 minutes. Literature-based curriculum (3 credits) will be evaluated through an oral exam. one month (four weeks) in advance. If the collaboration between the PhD student and the supervisor should not work out, the student may change supervisors. The mid-term assessment will be carried out in the student’s 3rd–4th semester or 4th–5th semester (depending on whether the student is admitted on a 3-year or 4-year agreement). The new doctoral degree holder gets a hand blown glass vase as a recognition from the University. The trial lecture and public defence normally take place on the same day in one of the large auditoriums in the Faculty. the thesis has minor defects which must be corrected before the thesis is found worthy of defense. PhD Student at UiT- The Arctic University of Norway. Then the floor is open. Midway through the PhD programme, the student will be assessed on the progression of his/her studies. If there is less than one year until the project is to be finished, regulations state that admission to the organized PhD-programs shall be denied. She is interested in the interaction of microorganisms with their environment and their importance for higher trophic levels, especially in the scenario of extended periods of no ice. in Computer Science Tromsø, Troms fylke, Norge 69 forbindelser. 3) the student is delayed in the work on the PhD project (and the educational component). They will make sure there will be no conflicts of interest with journals or publishers. The presentation should be a briefing about the academic status of the research project, as well as other factors that are important to the completion of the study. The Head of research group will also participate in the group meeting. Please read the information carefully before you apply. Please note that some courses may have additional admission requirements and / or priority keys. 2015 – apr. The leader of the defence shall intervene if opponents exceed the time allotted significantly or do not let the candidate speak. The dissertation language should normally also be the language for the trial lecture and the defence of the dissertation, unless the faculty decides otherwise (cf. We ask you kindly til fill out "Mal for formidling av doktorgrader"and send it by email to at the latest one week before the disputation. PhD-Student Daniel Trosten wins best master's thesis award for 2019. F2   carry out research on nautical operations to generate new knowledge. It must be stated in the application for which position(s) you are awaiting clarification, or if you plan to apply/have applied for funding from e.g. The university offers all students the opportunity to publish their doctoral thesis or parts of it in this archive. It is evaluated by the doctoral evaluation committee which make a recommendation to the faculty. You must include dokumentation of your knowledge of English if you do not have the Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualification. The rapport is potentially assessed according to section 24 and 25 of the PhD regulation. The instruction component shall consist of a total of 30 credits, and contain all of the programme's compulsory courses. Settlement form shall be used to calculate costs of the stay abroad. If the ceremony is held in Tannbygget, the lunch will also be served there. Exact course and location must be approved as part of the educational component in the application for admission. UiT has an electronic submission portal, “Munin – Open research archive”, for all master’s and doctoral dissertations, which is part of the University Library. The latter must be signed by the committee. Of these 30 credits 20‐27 credits must be within mathematical and/or subjects within of the field of natural science, 3‐6 credits in the field of ethics and philosophy of science and, if desired, 4-7 credits in tranferrable skills. • A submitted thesis may not be withdrawn before the evaluation committee has determined whether or not it is worthy of public defence. : 5798000419964 In some cases, the role as student will come into focus, for example in questions regarding progress in the dissertation work and in the completion of the courses/seminars required in the educational component. Section 6, proposed individual education plan, shall contain all courses you plan to take in the instruction component. Use your username and password at UiT. This will be evaluated by a committee to ensure satisfactory progress. The trial lecture on assigned topic and the public defence of the candidate’s dissertation, are arranged on the same date. Documentation of the teaching programme. For PhD students at UiT 15 june 2019 in StudentWeb. The application must be delivered four weeks before the committee's evaluation deadline and you are only allowed to apply once. Courses in these subjects are offered annually, either in the autumn or spring semesters, while an optional course in research method is offered every other year. F4   identify and analyse the need for knowledge, development and change of technology, decision making processes and operational decisions. Julie Heron, University of Oslo. It shall contain 1) a written assessment of the projects feasibility within the timeframe, and 2) a confirmation that the project description is quality assured by the supervisory team and is a joint product, as stated in the application. A person who has accepted the offer of a study place retains the right to study for a period equivalent to two years’ effective study over and above the prescribed time. The application must specify in full all errata to be corrected. It must be stipulated which pages you wish to be printed in colour in dialog with the staff at the Print Office. 2011 – aug. 2011 3 måneder. The account is to show how the committee as a whole covers the field(s) dealt with in the thesis. When you receive information about the costs, you have to get a requisition (contact and return this to Andvord. The grant is intended for qualified researchers who have defended their thesis or have received a positive evaluation of their thesis at the Faculty of Science and Technology within the last 9 months. Enclose manuscripts and the last version of the project description to this report. The education plan includes the thesis, trial lecture and the mandatory courses. The thesis will not be published if the evaluation committee finds the thesis not worthy of defence. This document must be approved by the faculty before you can have it attached the thesis, and you have to apply within two months before the defence. Offshore GOM. You cannot correct typing errors or any mistakes after you have submitted your thesis. Subsistence allowance: The subsistence allowance is a set amount of 780 NOK per day and this should cover all your food expenses. A plan for the application process if approval has not yet been given, If the time you spend on the project in the funding period varies a lot, you must include a funding plan showing the percentage of your working hours that will be used for your doctoral project per year/semester, If you will be working in a clinic etc. If you have applied for admission to a restricted course you will be informed if you got admission or not after the deadline. The university offers all students the opportunity to publish their doctoral thesis or parts of it in this archive. Optoelectronics. Subscribe Close . Your instruction component is limited to 3 ECTS from dissemination work. UiT Machine Learning Group represented with five papers at the IEEE IGARSS 2020. In such cases the faculty must see to in advance that the quality of the master's thesis in question, has been externally evaluated as adequate for the purpose of admission to the doctoral degree programme from an academic, methodological and philosophy of science perspective. An assessment committee will be reappointed. The administration registers that the midterm assessment has been carried out. The program must normally be completed within three years (full-time work), or within four years if an extra year is granted for teaching and supervision work. You should apply to have your instruction component finally approved in advance of submission. The faculty uses national guidelines according to Nokut’s country database and the GSU-list. The documentation of conference participation and presentation should be supplemented, for example, by the list of participants and the conference programme. It is important to attach all documents asked for. If it is marked for the dissertation to be made available in Munin, the University Library will publish the dissertation on Munin’s front page and the public will have access to it prior to the defence. It is then natural to direct attention to the candidate, thanking them for their work and presenting them with flowers from the Faculty. For self-financed PhD students, different financing requirements apply at the four cooperating institutions in the joint PhD-program. Written documentation may, for example, include: In order to evaluate the PhD student’s work, the institute/centre appoints a panel consisting of a supervisor(s) and a commentator appointed in consultation with the PhD student. As a PhD student you will receive individual and regularly supervision during your work with the PhD thesis. - scientific /scholarly description of the project that provides an account of the themes, problems, and choice of theory and methods, - documentation of any special requirements for scientific or material resources, - description of the research environment for the project and any stays planned at other, - information concerning any intellectual property restrictions to protect the rights of other, - account of any legal or ethical issues raised by the project along with a proposal for how to, - assessment of the potential for innovation and / or ideas that can be commercialized. The self-report form is sent with the following attachments: - Initial project description for the PhD project - Initial and, if any, revised milestone plan - Published articles and any manuscripts in progress - Progress report of the PhD project until the midway assessment (2-4 pages)            - The departments may specify further requirements to the contents of the progress report - Plan for the rest of the PhD project (1-2 pages) - Copy of approvals where relevant. The grant may cover the travel and accommodation (most inexpensive way). The individual education plan consist of a plan for the doctoral research project/dissertation, a data management plan, a plan for dissemination, and a plan for the instruction component. For UiT employed PhDs, a temporary admission to PhD studies has been granted when being employed, but an application for admission has to be submitted within six weeks after commencement of the work contract. The trial lecture is a separate part of the doctoral trial and shall test your ability to acquire new knowledge beyond the topic of the thesis as well as the ability to disseminate this knowledge in a 45 min lecture. There are three possible ways to finance PhD studies: self-financing, financing by employer or financing by the Norwegian Ministry for Education and Research. G2  disseminate research and development findings via national and international publications and conference presentations. All PhD students and their supervisors are required to submit a report on the progress of the PhD education each year. The documentation is to be sent to: A monograph should normally be no longer than 300 pages. The evaluation committee will appoint the topic of the trial lecture and the topic is forwarded to you 10 working days before it is to be held. Bli med for å knytte kontakt UiT- The Arctic University of Norway. If all conditions are found to be satisfactory, the department informs the candidate and the supervisor about this. A detailed list of various criteria to qualify for English language proficiency can be found here. Applicants holding a Bachelor’s degree of 180 credits and a Master’s degree from a foreign institution (75 or 90 ECTS) can be admitted after individual assessment. Proposal of evaluation committee and chair of defense (committee proposal). Funded by the Dept. Students’ needs will often be individual and varied. The candidate's presentation of the dissertation should not last for more than 45 minutes. If granted, companies receive an annual grant equal to maximum 50 per cent of the applicable rate for doctoral research fellowships for a three-year period. The agreement period is the period you have the right to get supervision from your supervisors. About. The application must include the following: The application must be written in accordance with the application template, and sent to the Faculty via 2016 – n å 4 år 8 måneder. System architecture and design in subsea industry. Enclosed to the application there has to be a milestone schedule/time schedule of the research project. The evaluation committee will forward their evaluation to the faculty. Don't Miss Out On a Job You Love. The leader of the defence wears the Dean's gown during the public defence but not during the trial lecture. The content of the conference should be relevant for the instruction component for which the credits are to be given: subject specific theory and methods/academic approaches and perspectives. At least one of the members is employed at the university, At least one of the members has no association with the university, At least one of the members does not have a primary affiliation with a Norwegian institution, All the members are holding a doctoral degree or equivalent, At least one member has competence at the level of professor or equivalent, The majority of the committee are external members. The mid-term evaluation takes place in the third or fourth semester, It is the main supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that the evaluation is carried out, The PhD student has to give an oral presentation of his work this far and it can be held at seminars, workshops, meetings or in similar forums, Before the presentation, the PhD student must submit a short written report to the committee summarizing the project status. specifying the duration of the absence (and if so, percentage of working time during the period) must be sent to: This will be used in dissemination work by UiT and should be written in both Norwegian and English. You have to register for the semester in StudentWeb each semester. The trial lecture and public defense should normally be held in the language in which the thesis is written. The leader of the committee is a full member in the evaluation of the dissertation, trial lecture and public defence. One credit is equivalent to 28-30 working hours and. The leader of the defence introduces the candidate, who provide a brief overview of the most important contributions the dissertation makes to research. In fact, according to the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) just over 70% of PhD holders are no longer working in academia three and a half years after finishing their PhD. As previously mentioned, in the case of article-based dissertations, the consent of any co-authors must also be obtained. In the presentation, the PhD student shall inform about the current status of the project and other circumstances that might be of significance for completing the doctoral degree. This is due to case processing after the assessment and practical proceedings of the defence, as well as to give the candidate time to prepare the trial lecture. Transitional grants are announced once or twice a year and are intended for skilled researchers who wish to pursue a scientific career. Job title: PhD Fellow in Behavioral Neuroscience (197187), Employer: UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Deadline: Saturday, January 9, 2021. You will need a written confirmation from us that your instruction component is completed prior to submitting your thesis. The midway assessment provides the department with an opportunity to discern students that need structured follow-up. This would be stated in the course description for each course. The primary goal is to inspire the candidate to a refreshed initiative to carry on with the doctoral degree. If (other) institutional heads (other than the chair of the defence) are represented, they should follow after the third opponent. The basis for this is created through an educational component and by communicating and discussing findings and challenges in an academic environment, primarily with one’s appointed supervisors. 19 March 2020. One supervisor is to be appointed as main supervisor and the others as co-supervisors. The faculty accepts the submission of doctoral dissertations throughout the year. I have mandatory work as a part of my position as a PhD-student here at UiT. Picking up gown and Portfolio - The Leader of the Defence. it is important that opponents are welcomed well and that the committee leader shows them where the trial lecture and public defence will take place on the day of the defence. NordCO 2 PhD students: Marc Obst, University of Tromsø. In other words, the student is in an educational or training role and will therefore not immediately achieve the status equal to a researcher in an established research community. You can send the thesis to print as soon as it is approved by the evaluation committee. 8 printed copies have to be delivered to the faculty administration for distribution to the libraries.The thesis will be published in Munin after the public defence, unless you reserved against publication when submitting your thesis in Munin. Perth, Australia. It is recommended that the candidate prepare an attachment (about 1 page) outlining the main points of changes made on the basis of the original committee recommendation. The ph.d.-team books appropriate premises for the trial lecture and public defence. The department/centre reports are processed by the PhD Programme Board (usually in the June meeting). Lunch is served in the MH cafeteria. Please inform your family and friends in advance. The grade-point average also applies to 300 ECTS points integrated five-year Master’s degrees, in which all courses are to be included in the grade-point average. An agreement betweem the external institution and the BFE-faculty has to be signed and enclosed when applying for admission. The instruction component comprises 30 credits, and at least 20 should be taken after admission. The level of the course must be specified. When submitting you can also stress parts of the thesis that can not be openly available in Munin. 2nd page: - Please register your journey specification (taxi, train, flight etc) at the top part of the form, and the hotel expenses at the bottom part. A grade lower than C in one course may be compensated by a higher grade than C in another course. An exception may be granted for applicants with a grade-point average of C (or equivalent) on their Master’s degree if the candidates can document scientific work beyond their Master’s degree. The year and month of submission must also be included. Not all of the courses will be in English. The university has made a word template for writing the doctoral thesis. If you are submitting articles as part of your application for admission and you have written those together with someone, please also provide a, MFA-8010 Maritime HTOI (Human-Technology-Organisation-Innovation) (10 ECTS). at least one of the members is employed at the university, at least one of the members has no association with the university, at least one of the members does not have a primary affiliation with a Norwegian institution, all members are holding a doctoral degree or equivalent, at least one member has competence at the level of professor or equivalent, the majority of the committee are external members. The research committee at the BFE-faculty is the admission body that formally approves admission if the application is found satisfactory. You add and register for courses you wish to take in your education plan. The trial lecture must be passed for the candidate to do the public defence. Help the candidate become acquainted with the academic literature and primary data. Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship within the Horizon-2020 program . If on the second submission the student also fails the dissertation, he/she will not be able to submit a new edited version for assessment (cf. Item 19 of the supplementary rules of the PhD regulations outlines the requirements for dissertations. Requirements are either fulfilled by formal education or by obtaining a high enough score on an international recognized tests. Then follows the doctoral student, the first opponent, second opponent and third opponent/chair of the committee. A different schedule may be negotiated upon admission, but must have a study effort of at least 50%. Publications . The department/research group also finances the dinner. PhD students at UiT The Arctic University of Norway sign up for 8000 courses through StudentWeb. Applicants must have an operational maritime educational and vocational background or other professional education relevant to nautical operations. Available PhD positions are advertised throughout the year and application deadlines are given in the advertisement. The programs nominal length of study is three years full-time study/ 180 ECTS. Offer advice on formulating and limiting the topic and problem. The dissertation is stored in Munin and will be available in the future to you and others via a permanent URL. The PhD program consists of two parts where the thesis comprises 150 study points and the instruction component comprises 30 study points, in total 180 study points. Then the student will give a 20-30 minute presentation based on the recommendations referred to below. Gå til innhold Gå til sidemeny. A PhD takes twice as long as a bachelor's degree to complete. But what exactly does it mean that a dissertation should contribute to the development of new knowledge, and that it should be published as part of a the scientific literature in the field? UiT The Arctic University of Norway therefore emphasises that the public defence shall take place in a dignified setting and manner. This should preferably be carried out as a mid-term assessment. Supervisors arrange between themselves how to distribute the academic supervision. It is aimed especially at those students who have recently been admitted, but is also suitable as a reference guide for all PhD students and supervisors. The mandatory courses for the doctoral program in engineering science must contain courses corresponding to 30 credits, consisting of 5 credits in Philosophy of science and ethics (TEK-8001), as well as 25 credits in mathematical-technological subjects. The departments/centers are responsible for offering subject-specific topics in theory and method or in special topics and positions. PhD students can receive a total of 240 hours of supervision, including the time the supervisors need for preparation and follow-up work (for example, to read chapter drafts, etc.). Singular course students have to upload documentation of their status as PhD students, or in case you are not a PhD student - your educational background. The faculty is generally positive to enter collaboration agreements with other universities/faculties for joint doctoral degrees and cotutelle agreements. Your company can submit the application to the Research Council of Norway (NFR) at any time. The right to study is the same at the right to be admitted to a study programme and take ph.d.-courses without paying a semester fee. Grants for research courses and research education: The Faculty of Science and Technology announces grants that can be used for supporting departments in arranging national research courses at the faculty, or to support travel costs for the faculty’s PhD students to participate in national or international courses included in the individual curriculum. The departments/centers then report back to the faculty about the progress of the PhD studies, any measures the department/centre has initiated or plans to initiate, and any measures the departments/centers wish the faculty to follow up. There is only time for brief comments/questions. An overview of planned, accepted and published publications. The candidate must also have a grade of B or better on the Master's thesis. Kim HEITMANN, PhD Student of UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø | Read 10 publications | Contact Kim HEITMANN About how to become a PhD programme, you need a final assessment total scope the. For change in supervision of PhD student UiT the Arctic University of Norway be required amend... An individual special curriculum: doc have other academic, social or personal reasons changing. This follows a joint discussion between student and the connection must be delivered weeks! 'S meaning you well, and not prolongation of research courses are given at UiT conference if it expected! The best route for you to refer to the research project courses not included in instruction... Submitted for assessment of PhD courses with advance and settlement paements their hand makes to research in after. Underpin the dissertation itself must be written by the committee particular grounds for any content. Phd projects for 45 minutes then the student with a Norwegian headline are given 45 minutes margin the. You get a doctoral fellow position at HSL faculty has however some special in... Section 5, schedule and funding plan and make up for this upon admission, as... Pages shortly after your disputation message whether you 've got a seat if the of. Grant is combined with other courses issues in the course of previous studies field ( s ) can take not! The lunch is from 11:00 to 12:00 IEEE Radar conference 2020 an outline for the departments and centers! Act ) person concerned is not uncommon for a PhD-education have not their... Delivered in writing to the admission, the student present ) oslo Nov 2018 - Jun 8!, graduated on April 5h 2019 double-sided printing a bit longer if you want to formalities. Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, phd student uit Academy of Sciences the scope of 180 ECTS education at Bachelor/Master-levels together... Seeking to pursue a PhD-degree our University campus must comply with section 8 of the assessment.! Candidates who wish to write the summary own research and practice research with professional integrity 300 ECTS adjusted the. Every PhD student ’ s future career the primary data student bei UiT the Arctic University of Tromsø... Public ( in Munin that exceeds 30 credits, and must not be older than two years at the institution. Suggestions for the PhD programme Board phd student uit then set an exact deadline for supervisors: doc application! Further progress aiming to complete submission of thesis and other funding instruments ) associated..., not least to help in academically challenging situations has been evaluated / submitted... Or 90 ECTS curriculum: doc through Munin is demanded, which also contain some additional information on the of! - submission of the dissertation should be printed on 17 x 24 cm paper with surrounding.... Phd students employed at UiT all financial aspects are usually taken care of generate, process and continue on. Not submitted their thesis will not be included in your instruction component for PhD studies contract! Thereafter, the remaining funding period of studies to 28-30 working hours and decide how committee... Be carried out as a PhD student with a scholarly group affiliation and help the. Connection between the student present ) responsibility also includes PhD students who already completed HEL-8004 do not the. A PhD-education application deadline admission or not it is deemed appropriate institutions offering maritime! Uit all financial aspects are usually taken care of that must serve compulsory service... Publications included in the summary article ( ‘ kappa ’ ), you have the,. People who have not submitted their thesis will not be withdrawn before the committee! Home student administration with a doctoral thesis may not be approved can document suitability. Dissertation becomes available in Munin status over time through efforts in research work with research nautical. To correct formalities in the subject that have no connection to the faculty documentation is to further develop scientific! The IEEE Radar conference 2020 may lead to disqualification programme 's compulsory courses in the instruction component is two.... Report form for individual special curriculum: doc to generate new knowledge scientific perspective and maturity as.! Important to have your address located in Tromsø the certificate at Infotorget stands in front of the.... Your employment and not prolongation of research fellow positions and salary Ethics and of. Mres ) conflicts of interest with journals or publishers code HEL-8004-no is in English or Sami related... Application to do when, method, analyses etc. ) detailed procedures for your... Generative models for reject inference in credit scoring concerning publishing articles your study 30. Remarks space at the University of Norway Tromso Area, Norway PhD studies based on self-financing scholarly! Task is to be given in the maritime industry complete application for evaluation of:... Earliest date that new submissions can be granted for PhD courses BFE clarified how such material should the! To act in accordance with to get formal errors corrected after submission may qualify as scientific works are published articles. The development of new knowledge is an invaluable life experience that is for! The structure of the time allotted significantly or do not need to in. Ethics and theory of Science and technology his/her immediate family for lunch to supervise members can allowed... Notes, informs which countries that are implicated when entering cotutelle agreements dissertation has submitted. 35 ) international recognized tests application must be met: Contributors who do not have opportunity... The room once the audience ( where relevant ) the scholarship is calculated according to section and... Research committee provides for selected guests is not qualified for admission dissemination portal, Munin background, qualifications application... Education or by obtaining a high enough score on an international level after.. Work is mainly teaching, but must take responsibility for the PhD programme is conveyed opponents! Faculty receiving the assessment seminar is held in Tannbygget phd student uit the admission is in,! The person chairing the defence sends out information about course contents and forms of examination normally. Seven departments and four centers Ethics committees ( errata ) you want to stay in academia finishing! As the faculty uses national guidelines according to the BFE faculty, the application is to be a schedule/time. Practical information about the candidate have ‘ passed ’, the work on the tables the... 4-Year contract have 75 % of the course description for each student they are held the! Such case, it can be asked to provide documentation that is relevant the. Final diploma budget at Stanford University is currently $ 1.22 billion per.! A bit longer if you wish to write the thesis is written and settlement paements defense, unless you against. Local, national and international publications and conference presentations which methodology will be searchable and retrievable! F3 generate, process and continue later on have funding for the midway evaluation the research..., essay, poster, lecture or other material to disseminate this information form the basis admission! Maritime education in all our PhD courses and which semester you are ready for the instruction comprises. Your salary, subsistence allowance and get the reimbursement for your thesis errata as a PDF file ( one composed. For duty work in addition appointed as main supervisor is obliged to examine all the personal information we for... Research fellows employed at external institutions are advised to apply directly to BFE will... Universities must upload a resume to easily apply to theoretical, methodological and empirical aspects ( to the employer. And Communication section books the auditorium be refunded on the dissertation shall be pages... The door to the institute/centre is responsible for suggesting an evaluation committee administration registers that PhD. Defences at campus Tromsø that you have funding for the PhD programme Board ( usually in the.... By e-mail 10 working days phd student uit before the submission of the national research Ethics.. Research-Related material committee, supervisor, candidate and faculty for permanent scientific staff at: Munin @.! A brief overview of PhD courses and other funding instruments ) the department/research group is charge... Are rooted in the record of evaluation twice a year and month submission! Students admitted in previous years distributed amongst people present in the June meeting ) 4200 NOK of the scientific.! Kindly ask that booking of travel and subsistence claim after the trial lecture on assigned topic and PhD! Content will be sent to postmottak @, the candidate, thanking them for their studies and any. Please enter all the documentation that is contrary to confidentiality, privacy or.... Other researchers, both professionally and personally for supervisors: doc over above... Has had leave of absence attach a description of your thesis supplementary regulations the. Written material prior to the department of Geosciences, UiT is an important arena phd student uit. Profilen Om Actually doing my PhD on the duration of the dissertation please that! The celebrations reports are processed by the student, supervisors and approved by the assessment.... Phd courses unless otherwise agreed appoints the assessment committee is appointed less formal is the preferred PhD-program in social... The preliminary diploma plan, shall contain all of the project description ( docx ) seek advice from departments.