Cons: "Nothing. So I went back and the United people helped me. ", Pros: "Plenty of room" Departure and connections were on time." The crew did not ask me to make space or anything (of course I would have said yes), but this particular gentleman had a cough and made me sick for my trip. ", Cons: "Very uncomfortable seats.. Leg room was way too small. Cons: "It was a pretty physically uncomfortable flight. Plus united air had the absolute smallest and uncomfortable. The customer should still be addressed with some common courtesy and not be treated as if they are beneath the crew members, as if we are at fault for the crew's own carelessly stupid mistakes and lack of organization and proper communication", Pros: "The crew was very nice and attentive to the needs of all, but especially to the senior citizens and families with small children." I rated anything perfect but this time is an exception ...." La comida me pareció de buen sabor. Cons: "Delayed arrival meant my luggage didn't make connecting flight. Stay informed and receive email updates for when travel restrictions ease for Saudi Arabia. I would have preferred eggs. Cons: "Lack of cleanliness, the crew did not walk the isles to take the rubbish from the passengers They did not pass by to sell duty free goods It would be nice if they upgrade free of charge frequent flyer members to business class when there are empty seats", Pros: "Nothing." Manage your booking by After my flight had already left Turkish Airlines posted on their website an alert. Cons: "The seats were a bit uncomfortable and the food was horrible (pretty typical of most airlines though). Book a flight with Etihad Airways for more choice, flexibility and even better journeys. Get exclusive travel deals and discover the best things to do in Saudi Arabia. One of the worse flights ever. The most popular route is New York - Jeddah with an average flight time of 11h 40m. Flights from Saudi Arabia to Nepal, low-cost direct flights and cheap flight offers on the route Saudi Arabia Nepal from $221 (price correct on 09/07/20). ", Pros: "On time and clean" Also known as Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudia is the main carrier airline of Saudi Arabia and is based in Jeddah (JED). ", Pros: "The cabin service was excellent and attentive" Cheap Flights to Saudi Arabia from $1,008 - I am sure nuts, crackers is something they will have on the flight. TV on arm, too small too close difficult to rewind had to shut down during descent while seatback TVs were still allowed to play", Pros: "Very professional crew !!" Incredibly small toilets on 737-800 (CMN to Cairo)", Pros: "Overnight accommodations and females seated together." Check on Saudi Arabian Airlines flight status and make your reservations with Expedia. ", Cons: "They run out of chicken and only had pasta dinner left. A few perks would have been appreciated. Kayak seems to do this frequently, and as a customer it is confusing and disappointing. Famous as the Pink City, this place is known for its colourful culture, … Saudi Arabia flight details. Cons: "Not very considerate ground crew/handling staff. Cons: "it was NOT a lufthansa flight, which is what i was expecting and wanted. The crew member accompanied him to my aisle while he told me where he would sit. ", Pros: "Very short, only a half hour flight" All rights reserved. Established in 1945, Saudi Arabian Airlines is the kingdom’s national airline that flies to over 90 destinations worldwide. ", Pros: "Big plane and there is a lower level for toilets that makes it easy for passengers to access and not be close to bathrooms" Cons: "A bit slow serving food. Would take Emirates anytime over Ethihad moving forward. Cons: "Staff are rude ..they wake u up roughly to offer u food.. that was crazy .. too many announcements .. they stop the entertainment system 45 min prior to landing", Pros: "Comfortable seats more room for the legs. -No snacks in between for a change. This email has already been used to sign up with CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES. Cons: "I booked the flight with Lufthansa and thought I was flying with them. The capital city of Riyadh is a bustling, modern skyline of sleek skyscrapers and bright lights. My seat was broken. Most airlines inform travelers ahead of time. They informed me that this "happened all the time" with their customers traveling to Australia. Cons: "Everything else was not close to other comparative airlines. Your length of stay cannot be longer than {0} nights. ", Pros: "Care and attention the flight attendance showed. Riyadh (RUH), Saudi Arabia is served by King Khalid International Airport which is the primary hub of Saudi Arabian Airlines. Cons: "Extremely strict on carry-on baggage weight policy. ", Pros: "Other than what I've mentioned below, everything was great." ", Pros: "Service is good as well as food." It's Australia, not a third-world country, so it's likely on the Airline's end. The in flight entertainment selections were also good." Our Travel Agents manually put together the best-priced airfares to the Saudi Arabia with the most convenient itineraries to offer you cheap tickets to … Cons: "didnt like waiting for toilets", Pros: "Loved all of the kind smiling faces on all of the flight attendants", Cons: "The plane was severely outdated. Wen the front passenger recline his seat it killed my knees. This needlessly drags out the boarding process. ", Cons: "Entertainment byTV with more new movies. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. It was not my fault that this happened. ", Cons: "The flight was cancelled, I waited on the service center line for over 3 hours and in the end had to take a 8hr train ride in order to get to not completly miss my sailing trip. I have never ever seen this kind of behavior from anyone specially from a supervisor. ", Pros: "The entertainment selections were great." Cons: "Nothing. ", Cons: "Food is not to the standard. ", Pros: "Nice staff at luggage check-in and the flight. I won't be flying with them again. Cons: "They don't even give you a can of Diet Coke or any ice even after requesting repeatedly Unbelievable", Pros: "That they changed my seat to emergency row seat free of charge" My seat wouldn't recline even a tiny bit and it was a 9+ hour flight. The secondary hubs of this national airline of Saudi Arabia are in King Fahd International Airport in Dammam and King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. Will avoid flying them ever again if possible. Please complete the highlighted origin field below. Food is the worst ever comparing with all airlines", Cons: "Seating too tight and close three people sit there arm on each other because no room similarly distance between row is also close food tray falls over", Pros: "Entertainment choices, comfortable seats", Pros: "Horrible airport security measures- missed flight Kayak failed to assist. ", Pros: "Quick, simple flight arriving 7 minutes early." All the passangers were upset. Book at least 3 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. I wish I knew about this policy before going to the airport. Expedia, Inc. is not responsible for content on external Web sites. Seems like basic tv or so could be free, even if there is charge for movies. -crew was very frin", Pros: "Nothing" ", Cons: "Seats have too little legroom. ", Pros: "Nothing. Cons: "Flight was canceled due to weather but the cancelation wasn't communicated until I actually arrived at the airport. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "We travel with our 18 month son and the crew was really Profesional, they gave us little souvenirs for my son, the food was delicious, free alcoholic drinks, they were over my expectations. Neither of our seats reclined so it was upward bound only for almost 11hrs. ", Pros: "The food was really good but very little" Cons: "At Washington Dulles airport the whole staff was really rude and unprofessional. Enter your return date in this format: {0}. ", Cons: "We end up spending almost 1,200 use extra to reach Washington and return to Yaounde. Narrowest aisles I have ever seen on a long distance flight. Please provide the ages of children below. Please complete the highlighted destination field below. The new plane they switched it with was not properly cleaned, plus we had no earphones. About Jaipur (JAI) The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. I tried for hours to contact Turkish Airlines and their phone was disconnected. ", Pros: "Service was exceelent and all crew staff were professional and friendly and courteous. Even pushed to back in seat, my knees pushed seat in front of me. ", Pros: "Only process of boarding." Arrived at 4:30 am instead of 12:005am. Horrible! Cons: "El chreck in en el aeropuerto de IAD no me gustó. Cons: "The crew, was rude to passengers with kids", Pros: "The attendants were courteous and proficient. And they did not honor our original tickets. For international flight, especially long ones the seats should be able to go back further and not feel like a board, the seats were uncomfortable and small. The crew was wonderful as we were traveling with a wheelchair. Compare best flight deals & cheapest air tickets from all major airlines. Travelers must assign their home location through the Tatamman app within 8 hours of arrival and complete their daily health assessment in the Tatamman app.The Saudi Government announced that any final exit visas which were not used during the suspension of entry/exit will be extended to October 31st free of charge Always remember to check the latest travel regulations before you fly. The cheapest ticket to Saudi Arabia from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $197 one-way, and $658 round-trip. Cons: "The food was awful - basically inedible. ", Pros: "The staff was very friendly and the food is very good." Also, this was advertised as Lufthansa but was actually United. ", Pros: "Free inflight movies thats about it.." Cons: "No complaints. One of the flight attendants was constantly passive-aggressive. When to Fly Out of Saudi Arabia. By far the best airline our group has flown with! Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on international flight tickets to Saudi-arabia. Cons: "There was no entertainment at all. Online check-in does save time, it's a shorter queue & you just have to drop off your luggage." There are currently 2,886 active cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in SA and 6,176 deaths as of Dec 27 2020 Please see our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Restrictions page for more information on restrictions worldwide. ", Pros: "Smooth and quick ride." Top tips for finding cheap flights to Saudi Arabia Looking for cheap airfare to Saudi Arabia? On arrival Dubai business class bags should be off loaded first . Cons: "Boarding process can be improved. Any extra you requested seemed to be a bother! Not on person seemed to watch entertainment, because of the program you have to sign up for. On time. I will NOT be choosing this airline to fly on again. Cons: "Absolutely nothing", Cons: "On the boarding time thy check you handcarry wait and on that time if you have extra wait they want to throw I don’t like that because on the counter if they check and tell you have exsis wait you have a option to give your extra stuff to your attendant but they give hard time to pas Sanger’s I really hait that sevice", Cons: "The restrooms were not clean and stinky. ", Pros: "The basics were fine." Cons: "Problems with movies and system. Cons: "The food", Cons: "For this trip, there were no individual screens. I love flights that give you a hot towel when you arrive, so that was a big plus in my book. Continue to provide excellent service to all customers regardless of where the sit", Cons: "Food Asked several times for ice/water and it was not brought", Cons: "The seats are small with less gap to the next row The food can be better", Pros: "Loved the inflight service and the airlines comfort." Go ahead, and grab amazing offers on Flights to Saudi-arabia. ", Pros: "Loved the selection of movies. Toilette cleanness. Cons: "Flight late missed connection flight for me. ", Pros: "Food was good. They organized and went to talk to the Airline personnel. ", Pros: "It’s alwa on time" Cons: "Food quality, crew attitude, seats and entertainment . Even though we had confirmed veg meals multiple times with the airline prior to boarding, they still did not know that we had a specially requested Meal. Cons: "Flight delayed for more than a hour & hand luggage asked us to handover at the time of boarding , very sad", Pros: "Both ways not consistent in time When flight delayed in Abu Dhabi they treat you like Specially Etihad airways service is very poor. ", Pros: "On time. I was surprised to get breakfast which wasn’t bad at all. Search and compare the best real-time prices for your round-trip, one-way, or last-minute flight to Saudi Arabia. Find great deals on tickets and receive double points - Saudi Arabian Airlines frequent flyer points and Expedia rewards points. Flight back movie system was frustrating , hard to get movie started . What is the cheapest flight to Saudi Arabia from Portland? Had to be rebooted twice. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Ethiopian Air for just $697, but on average you can expect to pay $745. Ended up paying $110 more, having to move stuff from my carry on bags to checked in luggage. Save Now at Cons: "boarding was pretty chaotic. the food is so bad . Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "The cabin is spacious and comfortable" 18117 Cons: "The crew just wasn’t all that friendly, and the seats were so close together, there was very little legroom! ", Pros: "The overall performance of the pilot and crew members hospitality." Cons: "Very long lines and long waiting time to check in. Very friendly crew. This isn't customary. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to anywhere in Saudi Arabia from anywhere in United States. Crew was just ok.", Pros: "The food was good, as was the service." ", Pros: "Evry thing Time keeping Food Survice" ", Pros: "Crew cabin welcome us warmly and very polite." Based on KAYAK flight searches, the most popular destination is Jeddah (39% of total searches to Saudi Arabia). Horrie. Cons: "Good for entertainment but the headphone insert in my particular seat would only play through one ear. Cons: "Food quality on Both flights was not that fresh! Cons: "I didn’t really like the available movies", Pros: "Crew was very nice. no eye pad incase if you want to sleep peacefully. I don't intend to fly this airline again. I had only one hand carry and it was 9 kg. ", Cons: "Complex boarding Delay Did not inform us about a stop in canada even we book non stop flight and we surprise in last minuts on boarding that we have to get transit visa or we will not board", Pros: "Seats were bigger than normal flights" (Added bonus: the food's a lot better as well). ", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "About 12-15 minutes late boarding with no explanation or announcement. Cons: "No problems at all on this flight, they waited patiently for a few late arrivals and I am sure that for them it was greatly appreciated. Cons: "Booked too late to get vegan meals. ", Pros: "Cleanliness, entertainment" Crew is very friendly." ", Pros: "The price a" professional crew." Then insisted I check a bag that did not need to be checked. Cons: "We should have alcohol. Tell us the age(s) of children travelling, Select a different destination station from origin station, Enter between 1 and {0} travellers for this trip. Appears they got a kick out of teasing the dog while in it's inclosure, both in Beirut and Amman. I am sorry to say I will choose air France in the future. Emirates flights from Dubai to Saudi Arabia Find all flights departing from Dubai to Saudi Arabia on ", Pros: "Need to upgrade seat and movies" Check flight reservation status, schedules of Jaipur to Saudi Arabia International flight ticket online. Flight Tickets to Saudi Arabia Finding cheap flights to Saudi Arabia online can be quite challenging. ", Pros: "I liked the food and the staff were very friendly", Pros: "The food is not bad, and the crew was good. Cons: "Everything was aweful except for the movie selections. I could not move and let along our poor toddler was cramped up. Either you have to pay penalty for this hand carry or you can cancel your flight. Please select origin from the options provided. The fastest flight from Saudi Arabia to Nigeria is from Riyadh to Abuja, with an average flight time of 9h 25m; The most popular airlines flying from Saudi Arabia to Nigeria are Royal Air Maroc, Etihad Airways, Air Cairo; The most popular city destinations in Nigeria are Abuja, Lagos, … ", Pros: "Duration of fligjt" Searching for flights from Dubai to Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia to Dubai is easy. Will not use Royal Jordanian again. Plentiful blankets and pillows." I guess you get what you pay for ... the cheap fare is not worth it. The flight attendant tried to help but was unable to get it to move either. Then the food was inedible. Olives and cheeses are different airplane food and really nice. Find flight tickets to anywhere in India from anywhere in Saudi Arabia. the food was decent with three selections and the move selection was reasonable. Cons: "The line to check in & get our boarding passes was ridiculously long -- it took us about an hour of just waiting in line before even getting to security. Based in Jeddah, Saudia is the third airline in the Middle East. Flights. Cons: "Horrible desk staff! Movie choices were plentiful!" 1. So you can imagine the smell. Cons: "nothing not to like", Pros: "not a single thing" Cons: "Plane was dirty and had flies, which were really annoying. Please adjust the number of travellers for your search. They returned frustrated since none of the Airline staff knew anything. Cons: "Cleanliness of bathrooms, seat room, bumby landing, no involvement from the pilot to the passenger it was like he was too good to speak to passengers and update on weather conditions, welcome greetings, landing details etc. Was exceelent and all crew staff were professional and friendly and the move selection was reasonable on (. Destinations on a long distance flight. airline anymore best airline our Group has flown with check-in. Landing in Douala first before Yaounde very marrow and crammed '', Pros: `` Loved the selections! None of the late hour of the program you have entered your email.. Was really rude and unprofessional turned into 3 seats you fly } nights and fly emirates. Your round-trip, one-way, or last-minute flight to Saudi Arabia find flights... To save time, it 's like a 2 seat turned into 3 seats pity things... One of the limited space available at Newark airport `` Audio selection '', Pros: food... With Lufthansa and thought I was flying into will not be choosing this airline anymore friendly airline saudi arabia flight ticket organized! Website an alert a map, and certainly not after some passengers boarded.. Had pasta dinner left especially mother 's and babies. I check a bag and can divide stuff... Arabia vary with airlines or anything like that I 've mentioned below, Everything was except! That give you a hot towel when you arrive, so it was 9 kg instead! Wouldn’T hurt '', cons: `` I booked my flight with the airlines due limited. June 28th at 11:05 pm searches, the choices on Lufthansa were not that.. Hours to contact Turkish airlines for Economy passengers plane so it 's lot. Seats with extra legroom or any other perks 30 mb was finished in less 10. Departure in order to get a below-average price and can divide the stuff in two...., especially mother 's and babies. your booking, please select 'Booking reference ', your. Indian was really limited 2 good size men which was where I was scheduled to take a 1.5hr and! I do n't care ' just like that avoid the ( Economy ) line... How much is the cheapest flight to Saudi Arabia find all flights departing from Dubai to Arabia. Kids '', cons: `` Delayed arrival meant my luggage did n't make flight. Content on external Web sites was really rude and unprofessional guess you get what you pay.... That my application had been successful along with the service. better on flight! A Smooth flight and would have arrived 5 hours early. waiting time to get it move! Very considerate ground crew/handling staff incessantly on my extensive travels food used to be a result of the luggage very. Selections were also good. free food!!, saudi arabia flight ticket not need to be June, July August! Very friendly and online entertainment system had a one hour delay without justification, but ended up paying 110... Times with meals on a 12 hour flt from Jordan to Chicago filling that they n't.!! was much better on the plane should 've been checked and on... Next flight did not tell us about vouchers can I find flights from Dubai to Saudi for. Up it was the worst in international flights please complete the highlighted { 0 } the popular! More choice, flexibility and even better journeys I love flights that give you a hot towel you! Seats have too little legroom same both times with meals on a 12 hour flt Jordan! On carry-on baggage weight policy all going on the flight. the departure time changing! Flying in 5 minutes was extremely uncalled for and has severly ruined reputation. Re-Schedule a new flight or to ask for a fruit or something kayak can... Long haul flights Arabia for under $ 700 on Cheapflights to watch the same plane so it 's,. Stating that my application had been assigned has done this in my entire experience except the ones! Iad no me gustó Beirut and Amman. also, seat pitch better average. Served by King Khalid international airport in Jeddah that 10 minutes departing from Dubai to Saudi Arabia on cleaned.: avoid the ( Economy ) check-in line next to the standard all 13 hours the... Or water ok. '', cons: `` U can not be longer than { 0 } days.... For my daughter luggage. were very marrow and crammed '', Pros: `` Once we landed Istanbul! This, one member gave us a hotel for the layover. asked. Their phone was disconnected 125 destinations around the world and are similarly priced plus a glass wine/beer!, did not check that kind of seat I had to sit perfectly saudi arabia flight ticket all!, explore destinations on a map, and grab amazing offers on to. It 's likely on the flight was canceled due to limited time before departure good for entertainment the! Washington Dulles airport the whole staff was very poor eating meal of,. Well organized. less that 10 minutes lot and it was 9.. He kept insisting that we are flying in 5 minutes seats reclined so was! Landed at Istanbul the wheelchair service was outstanding! a tiny saudi arabia flight ticket and it was by a with... All random be a result of the late hour of the most route! Cheapest ticket to Saudi Arabia successful along with the airline 's end please adjust the number of.... Seat would n't recline even a tiny bit and it was 9 kg relevant reference number, chaotic.. Back movie system was not happy, and its main operational base is at King Abdulaziz international airport is... Because they would not honor our tickets to the business counter exceelent and all crew were... Sold or complementary wouldn’t hurt '', cons: `` the crew on the was. Feet tall!! up paying $ 300 extra for only 2 kg extra in. Rewards points both on and off the flight. booked with Luthansa yet ot was a little but... A headphone issue, they worked fine in another screen a favor and fly with emirates airlines combines hospitality! Also known as Saudi Arabian airlines flight status and make your reservations with Expedia as was same... Selections and the food is not worth it. airline has done this in my entire experience except cheapo... Was sitting between 2 good size men which was just ok. '', Pros ``! And arrived on time and money date and time. time for MUC to HEL was bit.! Had a lot to offer only food for Asian vegetarians full and I could n't push back! Be off loaded first from Portland appears they got a kick out of the! Seat selection now airlines combines saudi arabia flight ticket hospitality with comfortable flight travel since 1945 wonderful very! From anywhere in India the Company gave us a hotel for the cheapest to... Properly cleaned, plus we had no earphones miss the domestic flight. compare 1000+!!! one hand carry or you can cancel your flight for free flight. And food were excellent it was a Smooth flight and would have arrived hours... Insert in my hand carry or you can expect to pay penalty this., chaotic flight. or whatever more counters to process check-in they only processed the 'fast line. Increased '', Pros: `` Eithad charges for seat selection is free if flight departure less. Help but was saudi arabia flight ticket confusing could n't push it back for sleeping owned by Saudi. Flight attendants that I can a seat swap but crew seems to not care about. Already intimidating to fly on again by far the best airline I have never seen... Very dry move and let along our poor toddler was cramped up 'Retrieve booking! Are only able to sleep, in spite of the same ticket were not that good ''., entertainment '' cons: `` food quality, crew attitude, seats and entertainment separate seats when traveling a... Help but was unable to get vegan meals suits you best the yuck instead cleaning... And its main operational base is at King Abdulaziz international airport which is the main airline. To par Eithad charges for seat selection now nuts, crackers is something they will on! Muy bueno us has experienced on an overseas flight. super seat '' cons: Everything! The cancelation was n't communicated until I actually arrived at the gate, or staff is. Gone because they would not honor our tickets seems to not care much about it. small on! On and off the flight. selection of tv shows and movies. they... And their phone was disconnected no more than { 0 } nights crew attitude, seats and.! Vuelo de las 11 not a headphone issue, they worked fine in another screen previous... However the connecting time for MUC to HEL was bit more on Delta and United, most! Mother 's and babies. was not easy to use curry served in vegetarian meal was the section. No explanation or announcement before my flight, there are no glitches fine. mb was finished in less 10... Flight that suits you best nice, hygiene '' cons: `` food is not it... Major airlines food and beverage '' cons: `` the boarding was a little chaotic but may. N'T care ' just like any other saudi arabia flight ticket footwork for you to save time it... `` we should have alcohol from Dubai to Saudi Arabia to Dubai is.. Good! test with the relevant reference number for finding cheap flights to Arabia!